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Crestron Launches Digital Cert Program

Crestron announced its new HD Digital Transport and Distribution System Specification (HD-DTDS) and DigitalMedia Certification (DMC) program.

Crestron this week announced its new HD Digital Transport and Distribution System Specification (HD-DTDS) and DigitalMedia Certification (DMC) program. Through the program, Crestron officials say the company is providing the definitive design, installation, and commissioning specification to guarantee reliable performance of digital AV systems. The HD-DTDS establishes an industry standard, and the DMC program ensures that AV professionals are fully educated and adhere to that standard, according to Crestron.

"As an industry, we have a responsibility to the client. Crestron has invested tremendous resources, time, and expense to develop technology and products to meet the new challenges of the digital era," said Randy Klein, Crestron executive vice president, in a statement. "Now we need to educate and certify our industry partners to make sure that these digital systems perform to the highest standards so clients have the confidence to rely on all of us to deliver reliable solutions."


The company says HD-DTDS is a comprehensive roadmap that defines the critical aspects of system design and installation that must be followed to assure reliable system performance. Consultants are quickly adopting the HD-DTDS specification and earning DMC-D certification, according to Crestron. Written into the specification, only dealers with a DMC-E on staff will be qualified to bid on projects designed using the HD-DTDS.

There are two levels of DMC certification. The DMC-D track is a free one-day course that concludes with an exam that must be passed to earn certification, and is the prerequisite for DMC-E. A DM-certified designer understands the fundamental differences between analog and digital systems and the unique design considerations needed to ensure reliable operation. DMC-E continues for two more days building upon the DMC-D class. The three-day program details every aspect of system installation and commissioning. DM-certified engineers demonstrate proficiency in system setup, diagnostics, testing and reporting. Only a DMC-E is equipped to fully execute and support a DM project.

Crestron said it guarantees and fully supports any DM system installation that conforms to the HD-DTDS standards. For more information about Crestron DigitalMedia Certification, go to

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