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Bidding Adieu to 2008

The sports world is calling last year its best ever. What might AV pros call it? Labels aside, we've mined our archives for the best stories, installations, interviews, and more from a year that enjoyed the highs of a record InfoComm, and the lows of an economic recession. Here's the best (and one worst) of PRO AV for the year gone by. Enjoy.

Best Definition of THX
Straight from the horse's mouth: The name THX has nothing to do with George Lucas' pre-Star Wars film, "THX-1138." It does, however, incorporate the initials of its developer, Tom Holman, who sees 10.2 audio as the next logical step in surround-sound systems. Read more.

Awesome conference room integration

Awesome conference room integration

Best Sign that Signage is Getting Serious
When PRO AV columnist Kris Vollrath ventured off the show floor at last February's Digital Signage Expo, he came across a critical meeting where a digital signage heavyweight was putting the screws to technology providers. His message: Make your stuff work together nicely or risk losing our business. Read more.

Best Argument for More AV-Architect Collaboration
New PRO AV columnist, acoustical consultant Sam Berkow (his audio column debuts next month), says he speaks the "language of the architect" to help bridge two worlds. Evolving auralization software might also help. Read more.

Best Reason Your Next Install Needs Rabbit Ears
Pete Putman offers a handy primer on broadcast digital television and ATSC and makes the case for adding it to certain AV projects. Get your thinking caps on: Pete breaks down ATSC as only an InfoComm Educator of the Year can do. Read more.

Best Defense of Manufacturer's Reps
Consultant's Connection columnist Thom Mullins acknowledges not every AV professional can stand manufacturer's reps, but he's not one of them. What makes a good rep? And how can you get the most out of the relationship? Read more.

Best Issue to Tackle All Year Long
It wasn't until late in 2008 that the FCC sided with companies like Google and Microsoft that wanted to launch new wireless services that might cause headaches for wireless mic users and other AV pros. The white space debat kept our columnists up at night, made them policy wonks, and left companies scrambling to provide answers.

Worst Trend in AV
Fakes. Few people would talk about it on the record (although one Philips executive made an impassioned case for how counterfeit projector bulbs hurt the industry), but off the record AV pros acknowledge that product knock-offs are becoming a problem. Read more.

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