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SurgeX Adds International Power Sequencer

SurgeX International introduced the SEQ1200i Series sequencer, surge eliminator, and power conditioner.

SurgeX SEQ1200i

SurgeX SEQ1200i

SurgeX International introduced the SEQ1200i Series sequencer, surge eliminator, and power conditioner. The SEQ1200i range provides power platform sequencing and control combined with the surge elimination and power conditioning.

"We are extremely pleased to extend the SurgeX product line to include a total surge elimination, power conditioning, and control solution," said Mike Mayne, SurgeX International product development director, in a statement. "The SEQ1200i offers scalable, sequential power up and power down functionality alongside the proven SurgeX surge elimination and power conditioning technologies. It is an invaluable product in its own right and also adds huge value to our remote control-compatible product offerings, such as SX1200RTi and recently released SX2200RT models."

The SurgeX International SEQ1200i line offers four sequenced banks of two industrial-grade IEC outlets, plus two always-on outlets per unit. Bank-to-bank delay times of 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds can be specified via a front panel selector, and a series of front-panel LED status indicators display the progress of the boot up/down sequence. A rear-panel Phoenix connector allows the unit to be connected in a master/satellite con?guration with the ability to cascade an in?nite number of units. Cascading the SEQ1200i can be used to achieve limitless system sizes with sequential power up and down sequences.

SEQ1210i models are 10-amp load-capable (for China and Australia), SEQ1213i models are 13-amp load-capable (UK), SEQ1215i models are 15-amp load-capable (South Africa) and SEQ1216i models are 16-amp load-capable (Europe). All models have four sequenced banks each with two industrial-grade IEC outlets in addition to two always-on outlets.

"The SEQ1200i line is a logical evolution of the SurgeX family. It takes the established capabilities of our patented technologies and adds additional functionality that is advantageous in many applications," said SurgeX co-founder and senior principal Michael McCook, in a statement. "The sequential power up/down functionality is a prerequisite for many complicated AV, broadcast, and custom design/build installations. Recent discussions during the development and launch process have drawn our attention to new sectors that our international product will be of considerable value to, including medical, IT, government and military sectors."

Advanced Series Mode surge elimination, Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI ?ltering and Catastrophic Under/Over Voltage Shutdown provide the power conditioning platform at the core of the SEQ1200i. These proprietary, patented technologies have been at the center of SurgeX technology, company officials said.


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