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WorxAudio Intros New Compact Line Array

WorxAudio Technologies introduced its new TrueLine V5 Ultra-Compact Line Array.

WorxAudio TrueLine V5

WorxAudio TrueLine V5

WorxAudio Technologies introduced its new TrueLine V5 Ultra-Compact Line Array. Company officials said the loudspeaker system is suited to both speech and music reproduction. And with a compact form factor, it can be used in fixed installations, as a portable loudspeaker system for corporate AV, or in front fill applications.

The V5 incorporates a medium-format 1-inch exit compression driver coupled to a stabilized, proprietary FlatWave Former wave-shaping device that delivers clear, penetrating high frequencies over a predictable and controlled coverage area, company officials said. Dual 5-inch cone transducers coupled to the Acoustic Intergrading Module minimize cone filtering throughout the entire operating range.

The new WorxAudio V5 has a 120-degree symmetrical horizontal coverage pattern and a 10-degree vertical dispersion pattern arrayable in 1-degree increments. This arrangement facilitates consistent sound quality both on- and off-axis, resulting in improved speech intelligibility and music reproduction throughout the entire space, according to WorxAudio.

The V5 is a 16-ohm passive loudspeaker system that provides the flexibility to assemble multiple box setups driven by a common amplifier. This design reduces the number of amplifiers necessary to power the system.

"The new V5 combines the finest loudspeaker components with superior workmanship to create a tremendously versatile, remarkably compact loudspeaker system that is truly capable of addressing a myriad of diverse sound reinforcement applications from permanent installations to portable PA to front fill applications," said Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio Technologies' CEO and director of engineering, in a statement. "The inclusion of EASE Focus 2 array software with full GLL balloons further completes the package."

For fixed installations, the V5's TrueAim Grid has a 10:1 weight management rating, resulting in the ability to fly as many as 24 elements with 1-degree pin increments for precise positioning, enabling system designers to assemble a potent sound system with minimal line of sight issues compared to many other loudspeaker setups. For corporate AV and other special events, the TrueAim Grid can support three V5 elements atop the grid and can be pole mounted for a portable "speaker on a stick" sound system.

The V5 is available now at an MSRP of $1,984.


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