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Is There A Laser In Your Future?

Although laser imaging technology has been around for a few years, we haven't seen it in a projection TV application ?until now.

So, is there a laser projection engine in your future? That depends. You'll probably see LEDs pick up the slack sooner, as short-arc mercury lamps are phased out. It's true that LEDs aren't terribly energy-efficient, but they don't suffer from speckle, and are naturally diffuse illuminants with specific color wavelengths. Four companies showed LED rear-projection TVs at CES 2006, and that's four times as many that showed a laser product.


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Pete Putman is a contributing editor for Pro AV and president of ROAM Consulting, Doylestown, PA. Especially well known for the product testing/development services he provides manufacturers of projectors, monitors, integrated TVs, and display interfaces, he has also authored hundreds of technical articles, reviews, and columns for industry trade and consumer magazines over the last two decades. You can reach him at

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