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AV Calculators & Resources

Sound, design and lens calculators designed to simplify those complex equations

These calculators take the uncertainty out of equations common to designing an acoustically reliable sound system.

Constant Voltage Transformer Power Delivered

dB Power Ratio

dB Voltage Ratio

Amplifier Power Required

Inverse Square Law

Line Loss

Ohm's Law/Watt's Law

Wavelength Calculator

Speech Intelligibility

Critical Distance

Quickie Reverb Time Calculator

Constant Voltage Calculator
Click the link below to access this calculator from NSCA and Pro AV's "Constant Voltage Loudspeaker Systems" Tech Tutorial.


The following calculators provide information for selecting the best products for display system design, and are handy for any presentation application.

Selecting Front Projection Screens

Viewing Distance vs. Screen Size

TCO Calculator

Projector Calculator


These calculators simplify the process of determining the correct lens for many applications, and can provide the information you need with a minimum of known variables. These calculators are helpful for any surveillance, network video, IMAG, or CCTV application.

Object Dimension, Object Distance, Focal Length

Angle of View

Depth of Field


U.S. Frequency Allocations
Click here to access the National Telecommunication and Information Administration's United States Frequency Allocations table referenced in the July 2006 "Frequency Selection" Cheat Sheet.

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