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BICSI Adds Training Programs

BICSI announced critical changes to its ITS Cabling Installation Program as technologies converge.

BICSI, the professional association for the information transport systems (ITS) industry, announced critical changes to its ITS Cabling Installation Program in acknowledgement of the need for proper installation of data, voice, and video cabling as technologies converge. Three new installation courses and credentials, with specialized emphasis on copper and optical fiber, are intended to help professionals keep up with the constant innovations, trends, emerging technologies in cable installation, according to the association.

"It is important for ITS installers to continue to expand their knowledge of the industry and learn new skills in order to advance professionally in the field," said Richard Dunfee, BICSI's director of professional development. "And, in connection with new material in the fifth edition Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual, these new courses and credentials will give them a more comprehensive knowledge base to be successful."

The ITS Cabling Installation Program educates on BICSI best practices and hands-on skills instruction for the installation, termination, splicing, testing, and retrofitting of copper and optical fiber cable. Upon the completion of each course, students will have the option to take an exam for certification.

"The program is vendor-generic and allows students the opportunity to learn about multiple types of support structures, connectors, splicing, equipment, and testers," said Janet Gresham, BICSI ITS technician and master instructor/subject matter expert. "With this opportunity and information, contractors can make educated decisions about which type of equipment will work best for customers and their specific projects."

The three new courses include: IN225 Installer 2, Copper Training; IN250 Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training; and TE350 Technician Training.

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