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The PRO AV 60: 10 Large AV Firms

Forget rankings. We asked AV companies to tell us what makes them great and picked the 60 that stood out.

Bigger's not always better, and sheer size doesn't necessarily mean major revenues (smaller companies can make big bucks, too). But large, growing companies mean a thriving industry with the capabilities to serve a broader pool of national and international enteprises.

The following PRO AV 60 companies reported 2008 revenue of $30 million or more. Several have hundreds of employees but others, like Audio Video Systems and McCann Systems report fewer than 100.

But having multiple millions in revenue does not make a company immune from economic woes. Most of these companies say they're expecting a flat 2009 and virtually all of them cite competition from outside the AV industry, along with the economy, as primary challenges going forward. Still, like most AV firms in the PRO AV 60, these companies expect their markets to continue to grow, albeit probably not at the blistering pace of years past.

Audio Video Systems
Chantilly, Va.,

Tampa, Fla.,

Beaverton, Ore.,

What's Your Best Advice for Succeeding in Pro AV?
"The success of a project is measured not by profit margin or how quickly it was completed, but by how well you address the customer's needs and expectations. A project that comes in a week ahead of schedule at a high profit margin is a complete failure if your client didn't get what it needed and expected. Early and consistent communication is vital to a successful project."--CompView

Diversified Systems
Kenilworth, N.J.,

EDA Pro Group receives the Vaddio $4 million Club Award at InfoComm.

EDA Pro Group receives the Vaddio $4 million Club Award at InfoComm.

EDA Marketing/EDA Pro Group
Snellville, Ga.,

What's Your Best Advice for Succeeding in Pro AV?
"Woody Allen said '90 percent of success is showing up.' We advise our representatives that the harder they work, the luckier they get. Independent reps have not enjoyed the best reputation for reliability and knowledge in the past. We have strived for the last twelve years to change that perception."--EDA Marketing/EDA Pro Group

Burbank, Calif.,

What Does "Green AV" Mean to Your Company?
"Green AV is about placing a strong emphasis on designing audiovisual systems that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Specifying and designing eco-friendly equipment that addresses size, heat, and efficiency concerns is not only better for the environment but in many cases the resulting AV system contributes to the LEED certification that a client requires for their building or venue. We have a lamp program that provides efficient replacement of projector lamps in AV facilities. Electrosonic recycles the used lamp and replaces it with a new lamp, often reusing the lamp housings. This eliminates the hassle and cost of hazardous waste disposal."--Electrosonic

Ford Audio-Video
Oklahoma City,

What's Your Best Advice for Succeeding in Pro AV?
"Do not under charge for your work."--Ford Audio-Video

McCann Systems
Edison, N.J.,

What's Your Best Advice for Succeeding in Pro AV?
"Stay ahead of the technology curve and always be attentive to your clients.."--McCann Systems

Tierney Brothers

Verrex Corp.
Mountainside, N.J.,

What Does "Green AV" Mean to Your Company?
"We do not see 'going green' just as a trend or marketing spin. We see it as our responsibility to ensure the corporate community is aware of the positive impact that adopting green-friendly communication and collaboration practices has on their bottom line, on the global economy as a whole, and on the environment. Green AV means educating clients about the benefits of videoconferencing over travel; pushing manufacturers to develop more energy-efficient products and recycling programs; and integrating control systems for AV and environmental devices, among many other things."--Verrex Corp.

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