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InfoComm Products '09: Cables & Accessories

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more

New at InfoComm '09

Wireworks now offers Guardian Panel Mounts, which are designed to help protect connectors from accidental damage by providing a way to recess them in a wall or standard electrical box. The Guardian Panel Mount is a recessed, low-voltage ring that can be mounted directly into a wall, or other space, with mounting screws, fasteners, or toggle bolts. A custom connector panel attached to the recessed flange provides protected connectivity, says the company. When used with an electrical box, the Guardian Panel Mount can be ordered in the proper box size for surface-mount installations. It can also be ordered with a flange 1-inch larger than the box for flush-mounted applications. Mounts are available with recessed depths of 1 or 2 inches. Wireworks. 800-642-9473.

New at InfoComm '09

Clockaudio is introducing its new touch-sensitive Litetouch, which indicates the status of on-table microphones–red for on, green for off, for example. Integrators can choose whatever light combo the client prefers. Litetouch has a dual-color halo ring and switch combination that can be used with Clockaudio through-table products. In addition to indicating status, the Litetouch lets users mute units for privacy. Clockaudio. 450-424-9797.

New at InfoComm '09

Chief's latest short-throw projector wall-mount accessories will be available in July, according to the company. Reportedly inspired by installers, the accessories include a built-in telescoping extension of up to 54 inches, which features lateral shift capabilities for spanning multiple studs, micro-adjust leveling, and height adjustment. Chief plans to offer six different models for single- or dual-stud mounting, each with a different range of extension. The accessories are currently compatible with the company's RPA and RPA Elite projector mounts. Chief Manufacturing. 952-277-3819.

New at InfoComm '09

Chief's new Universal Projector Interface will begin shipping with all Chief RPA Elite projector mounts, the company says. The SLBU universal interface bracket replaces the model previously included with the mounts. According to Chief, the bracket promises faster installation and better lamp and filter access without the loss of image registration. The unit includes a secure storage tray for hex keys and other tools, plus an optional cable security kit (SEC2). The SLBU also provides quick-disconnect at the projector to better get at filters and lamps. Chief Manufacturing. 952-277-3819.

New at InfoComm '09

The opticalCON QUAD is a four-channel version of Neutrik's opticalCON fiber-optic connection system. Designed for multichannel point-to-point cabling applications, the opticalCON QUAD is IP65 rated for dust-tight and water-jet protection. There are three variations of the connector: Four-Channel, Four-Channel X-treme, and Triple-Split 12-Channel. The Triple-Split features three opticalCON-4 connectors on both ends, allowing standardized four-channel connectivity for multichannel point-to-point cabling. OpticalCON QUAD X-treme is suited for road-ready applications, the company says, offering a cut-proof and rodent resistant double jacket with a glass yarn, armored cable construction. Neutrik USA. 732-901-9488.

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