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One-Stop Shopping for Digital Signage

When Oklahoma's Choctaw Nation needed new AV throughout all its casinos and a digital signage system, it turned to a single source: Alpha Video & Audio of Minnesota.

CHALLENGE: Design all-new AV systems and a digital signage network for a family of casinos.

SOLUTION: Hire an AV integrator with its own digital signage platform and run the systems over Ethernet -based TCP/IP.

The modern casino is the entertainment industry’s answer to the aircraft carrier. It’s gigantic and self-contained, with its own life-sustaining ecosystem of food, fun, and lodging, all working 24/7. Aircraft carriers, however, are mobile. To extend a casino’s reach, you have to build more of them. That’s what the Choctaw Nation has done with its burgeoning casino empire in southeastern Oklahoma.

Headquartered at its Durant, Okla., casino, the tribe has expanded rapidly from two casinos to seven, spread throughout towns with names that could have sprung from a Louis L’Amour novel—Broken Bow, Grant, Idabel, McAlester, Pocola, and Stringtown. Like any growing enterprise with multiple locations, the Choctaw Nation wanted its disparate casinos to convey a unified message about the Choctaw Casino experience. Critical to that end was an enterprisewide digital signage network.

“We’ve used digital signage previously to some extent, but the expansion of the casinos gave us the opportunity to use it in greater quantities, with more features and options,” says Hayden Mathews, analytics manager for Choctaw Casino Resorts. “A lot of the impact of our marketing comes from digital signage, so that’s a big part of our strategy.”

Of course, new casinos also mean all-new general-purpose AV, from distributed audio to system controls. In an ideal world, Choctaw Casinos would find a single AV contractor that could design and install both in order to maximize efficiencies and ensure a well-integrated system. Answering the casino’s 365-page request for proposals was Alpha Video & Audio of Edina, Minn., which just so happens to have its own digital signage division, Digital Display Group (DDG), that has built a signage platform specifically for projects like Choctaw’s.

“Usually, a client will hire an AV integrator and a digital signage company separately, because traditionally they’ve been different things,” says Paul Medlin, director of business development for DDG and the account executive for the Choctaw casino project. “We were able to offer them the ability to do both within the same company.”

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