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Barix Rolls Out Audio Control for Businesses

Barix AG plans to unveil its new Store and Play FT/HTTP download and playback application for in-store audio programming at Digital Signage Expo 2010.

Barix AG plans to unveil its new Store and Play FT/HTTP download and playback application for in-store audio programming at next week's Digital Signage Expo 2010, taking place Feb. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"While digital signage and out-of-home networks remain the big buzz for in-store entertainment and advertising, many businesses continue to rely on audio as their main resource for reaching customers at the point of purchase," said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix, in a statement. "Recent studies have proven that the right mix of music and advertising can have a significant influence on brand perception and in-store atmosphere, de-stressing both customers and employees to respectively increase purchasing and raise productivity. The Barix Store and Play application can deliver these benefits to retailers and hospitality businesses that need a less expensive, premium-quality alternative to professionally produced, branded in-store audio programs."

According to the company, Store and Play provides businesses more control over the audio content playing in one or more store or branch location without requiring the same investment in resources as branded radio solutions. The same Barix hardware supports both store-and-play and branded radio streaming solutions, says the company, opening a business's system to future upgrades.

Store and Play is written in Barix Coding Language and can be customized by the system integrator. The application downloads configuration data and playlists with the corresponding music files, stores them on a USB flash drive, and plays back the downloaded music according to the schedule held in the configuration, the company says. Music and configuration updates can be automatically retrieved from a central server via FTP or HTTP according to a controllable schedule, Barix adds. Playlists, music, and advertising can be updated, while outdated files automatically delete from the local devices to ensure storage efficiency over time.

Barix officials say its Store and Play solution can also combine with Barix Annuncicom audio over IP/intercom hardware to allow priority local and remote break-ins with store PA systems to broadcast important audio announcements. Other options include system monitoring and alarm notifications using the Barimon service from Barix partner MOH Technology.

Store and Play supports audio distribution when fast, reliable network connections aren't guaranteed, says the company. It can also serve as a standalone player without a network connection. Preloaded USB sticks can be sent to stores and inserted in local Barix Exstreamer decoding devices. The application can be set up to only use the network at specific times to reduce the impact of downloading files during times when a low-capacity network connection may be needed for other tasks, such as credit card authorization.

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