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Peer Review: WorxAudio TrueLine M80X1-P

Paul Boone, president of Boone Audio and Video, a design/build firm in Burlington N.C. that specializes in the house of worship market, gives his two cents on WorxAudio Technologies' TrueLine M80X1-P self-powered install line array.

Paul Boone

Paul Boone

Paul Boone is president of Boone Audio and Video, Burlington N.C. The company is a design/build firm specializing in the house of worship market. It also handles projects in education and corporate arenas.

MY PICK: WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine M80X1-P self-powered install line array

PRICING: $3,250

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: This is an individual line array module that can be used in multiples to create the correctly proportioned line array cluster to meet the size of the venue. This loudspeaker system provides broad, controlled 160-degree horizontal dispersion throughout a full frequency range extending from 60 Hz to 20 kHz. The loudspeaker is self-powered and features fully captive rigging hardware that is controlled in 1-degree increments for precise aiming. This makes the system easy to setup and install.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: This loudspeaker would benefit from the inclusion of a digital input that could interface with the latest generation of digital mixing consoles for the purpose of having a cleaner, more streamlined interface that avoids unnecessary A/D and D/A conversions. Further, a software interface for use with a laptop computer would enable our engineers to check system calibration and test components.

WHERE I USED IT: Glens Haw River Christian Church, doing business as The Lamb's Chapel, Hall River, N.C.

MY RESULTS: Over the front edge of the church's stage/altar area, our crew flew three M80X1-P loudspeaker clusters in a left-center-right configuration, with six elements in the left and right clusters and 10 in the center cluster. This is a large sanctuary that is 134 feet in width and 148 feet long. The center cluster was intended to cover roughly 90 percent of the room for dialog, with the left and right arrays serving as fill for those seats closest to the stage and the outer edges. For music applications, the left and right clusters provide a broad stereo image that fills the entire room very nicely. Coverage throughout the room is very even and clear, with full range performance for music. For dialog, the system exhibits excellent articulation.

The WorxAudio rigging hardware creates a very clean, streamlined appearance, with a schedule-40 pipe that conceals the cables serving as a single mounting point for each loudspeaker cluster. This pipe attaches to a custom aluminum coupler that is milled out in the rear to allow convenient cable access. The coupler attaches to the company's TrueAim grid, which enables the entire loudspeaker array to be easily focused. The built-in power amps include digital processing for loudspeaker management, provide rapid setup, and they significantly aid overall system performance.

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