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RTI Upgrades Two Handheld Controllers

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) announced that the company is now shipping its T2-C+ and T3-V+ universal system controllers.



Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) announced that the company is now shipping its T2-C+ and T3-V+ universal system controllers. The new handhelds each combine 433-MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4-GHz ZigBee for bidirectional communication in one remote.

The built-in ZigBee wireless connectivity offers bidirectional communication with RTI-compatible processors and supported third-party electronics such as music servers, lighting, and Web-based RSS feeds for convenient weather updates. Providing dealers with a choice among technologies, RTI allows them to specify the T3-V+ and T2-C+ into any installation without worrying about the communication method or level of system sophistication required, company officials said.

The T2-C+ is the fourth generation of RTI's T2 remote control platform and the first with an OLED touchscreen, which provides a high-contrast display and wide viewing angle. It features 35 hard buttons to provide tactile control of commonly used functions and is thinner, lighter, and ergonomic for one-handed operation.

RTI describes the T3-V+ as a powerful controller wrapped in an attractive, contemporary design. The third generation of the T3 system controller, the T3-V+ is enhanced with an updated hard button configuration including five soft keys that allow for custom button-engraving options from RTI. The unit offers a 3.5-inch full-VGA touchscreen, integrated 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet, and a built-in Web browser so the user to access Web pages and IP-addressable devices such as security cameras.



"We are very excited to be shipping our next-generation T2-C+ and T3-V+ handheld controllers, which introduce a number of features that you won't find on any other remote," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI, in a statement. "The dual-RF board technology provides unprecedented convenience for dealers."

The T2-C+ and T3-V+ are programmed through RTI's Integration Designer software, so dealers can provide a customizable user interface for intuitive command over the entire electronics system. The remotes can be used as standalone controllers or, when used with other RTI devices, can be integral parts of an advanced control system, offering sophisticated features such as RS-232, IP or relay control, power sensing, and RF transmission through walls or cabinets.


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