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Altinex Debuts Collaborative Workspace AV

Altinex rolled out the new TNP221 and UT250-101 Collaborative Workspace Package, which consists of the TNP221 Tilt ?N Plug interconnect box and the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher.

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Altinex UT250-101

Altinex rolled out the new TNP221 and UT250-101 Collaborative Workspace Package, which consists of the TNP221 Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect box and the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. Company officials said the pairing of these two products makes it easier than for users to patch in a laptop computer and select a display device for sharing information with colleagues. The Collaborative Workspace Package is suited to boardrooms, classrooms, presentation spaces, and other locations.

The Altinex TNP221 interconnect box incorporates a VGA computer video (15-pin) port, a stereo 3.5mm mini-jack for audio follow, a USB connector, an RJ-45 Ethernet Cat-6 connector for network access, plus an AC power connection. Additionally, the bezel of the TNP221 provides two buttons positioned along the right side that enables the presenter to select monitor one or monitor two via the UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. The system accommodates as many as eight TNP221 interconnect boxes, enabling users to display their work on separate monitors.


The Altinex UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher is an 8x4 VGA computer video and audio matrix switcher that provides routing and management of multimedia signals from multiple laptop computers and document cameras via a single, convenient location under a table. It has eight VGA-UXGA computer video inputs and eight 3.5mm stereo inputs. The UT250-101’s eight video inputs can be routed to any of four video outputs via dry contact switch ports or using RS-232 control. The audio inputs accept both left- and right-channel signals, and then combine them to create a single balanced mono audio signal.


In addition to standard video and audio outputs, the Altinex UT250-101 also has four integrated twisted pair transmitters for sending video and audio signals over long distances to remote multimedia presentation systems.


Used together, the system also offers auto-switching and display on/off. With auto-switching, if the UT250-101 senses a new input, the device automatically switches that new signal to output one. This feature can be disabled using RS-232 and can be overridden by the TNP221’s push-button switch. For display on/off, the UT250-101 can be programmed so the RS-232 port will send a power-on command to the display device when the first input signal is detected.  When a period of time passes and no activity on the input ports, a power-down signal will be sent to the display device for shutdown. This feature is enabled/disabled via RS-232.


"As multiple people access the system, the UT250-101 matrix switcher looks at the last signal to route content to the displays, enabling users to easily display their work when asked to do so," said Phil Hale, Altinex vice president of sales and marketing, in a statement. "The TNP221 interconnect box presents a sophisticated appearance that blends seamlessly into the aesthetics of the most upscale presentation space."


The Altinex TNP221 and UT250-101 carry an MSRP of $495 and $1,495 respectively. The UT250-101 is available now while the TNP211 will be available by the end of August.


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