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Welcome Back, InFocus

InFocus has returned to InfoComm after a three-year hiatus, bringing its focus back to the commercial market with a range of new projection products.

InFocus has returned to InfoComm after a three-year hiatus, bringing its focus back to the commercial market with a range of new projection products.

Many of the company's models cater to the classroom environment, the first of which is the XS1. Quietly announced on June 1, the short-throw projector displays a 60-inch image from three feet away, making it suitable for small classrooms where space is limited or with an interactive whiteboard. Digital and analog connections maintain source flexibility, while a removable keypad prevents theft.

The IN5100 series includes three high-brightness models; the only major distinguishing factor being the number of lumens they project (4,000 or 5,000 lumens). While two of the projectors have XGA resolution, one comes in WXGA and features the company's SplitScreen technology, which allows two different images to be displayed side-by-side on the same screen. Robert Detwiler, product manager for InFocus, used a Canadian colleague as an example, describing how she projects one image in English and one in French when giving presentations. Other IN5100 features include an HDMI 1.3 input and audio assignability.

Detwiler then demonstrated one of the new 3100 series projectors. Comprising the 3,000-lumen 3102 and the 3,500-lumen 3104 XGA projectors, as well as the 3,000-lumen 3106 WXGA projector, the series features HDMI 1.3 among its multiple inputs. The family also features a LiteTouch LED backlight keypad, which illuminates by touch and fades to a smooth black surface when not needed; and a standard USB connection, which enables the company's DisplayLink technology.

DisplayLink directly connects a computer to the projector, needing only moments to install at first use, but delivering nearly instant display with following connections. The Virtual Remote feature of DisplayLink gives the presenter control through the computer, and a user can select a setting that will turn the projector on whenever the USB cable is connected. The 3100 series units are also scalable up to six projectors and include a built-in 6-watt loudspeaker.

The company also showed its new IN1100 series of portable projectors, which at only 2.7 pounds is designed for smaller environments. With a maximum of 2,200 lumens, users have the choice of an XGA or WXGA widescreen model. Both DLP projectors include BrilliantColor technology and DisplayLink, but no audio.

"Every platform in 2008 has a widescreen model," said Detwiler of InFocus' recent releases. He went on to predict that that number will increase with the company's 2009 lines.

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