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School District Adds Streaming Video System

The Metropolitan School District of Warren Township integrates a cost-effective video capture and distribution system on its fiber optic infrastructure.


The network operations center (NOC) in the Metropolitan School District (MSD) in Warren Township, IN, was built in late 2004 as part of its “Vision 2005” fundraising effort, which was designed provide improvements and technology upgrades to several of its buildings. Housed in the district's administration building, the NOC is the center for all voice, data, and video communications.

To consolidate management of the school district's various building servers, MSD decided to bring all of the devices to a centralized location. The move also allowed the IT staff to respond more rapidly to network and server issues due to the physical location and the network capabilities of the system.

The NOC houses Cisco 6500 core routers, which distribute all voice, data, and video communications to all 19 buildings in the district, as well as 65 computer servers for management.

The NOC contains an IBM NAS/SAN solution with approximately 5 Terabytes of storage for administrators, staff, students, and IT staff. The NOC also includes a Nortel Succession 1000 VoIP phone switch that provides inbound and outbound calls to each building. The staff supports approximately 2,000 direct inward dial numbers across the district, including a phone extension for every classroom. MSD's NOC staff is currently piloting Nortel IP phones in various locations throughout Warren Township.



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