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Peer Review- Lectrosonics DM1624 Digital Matrix Mixer

Peer Review- Lectrosonics DM1624 Digital Matrix Mixer; Price: $4,550 MSRP

My Pick:

Lectrosonics DM1624 digital matrix mixer with DSP, $4,550 MSRP

What I Like About It:

The Lectrosonics DM1624 is a combination automatic microphone mixer, signal routing matrix, and digital signal processor that fits a wide range of applications. Two particularly neat features are the individual automatic feedback filters for each of the 16 input channels, and the ability to select whether an input is operated in auto-mix or direct mode for any of the 24 outputs.

The mixer can operate in a completely standalone manner, or be controlled via programmable input ports and/or serial interface. This provides the flexibility to give a client as much or as little user control as necessary for the application.

I Would Change:

The built-in macro programming commands are a powerful tool for carrying out complex sequences based on an external control input, but I think they'd be greatly enhanced with the addition of conditional statements that would allow the mixer to decide what to do based on present conditions.

It would also be nice if Lectrosonics included a pop-up window in the setup software that would warn you if you tried to exit without saving the setup to one of the presets.

Where I Used It:

I used the Lectrosonics DM1624 in the D.C. Bar Association conference center in Washington, D.C.

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