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Like most CEOs of AV systems integration firms, John Miceli is always scanning the horizon for new products that can help him design and deliver better client project solutions. But if you're a product manufacturer trying to catch his eye with a new offering ? especially one that's venturing beyond your established expertise ? don't expect to get very far with him on your good name alone. ?Just because a manufacturer makes a great product or two doesn't mean we're going to love everything they do,? says Miceli, who runs Orlando, FL-based Technomedia Solutions. ?I commend companies that have tried to move beyond their niche, but product expansions have to be executed correctly, and products have to be well thought out ? not just conceived in a race to compete. Three-quarters of their vision can't be on competitors and one-quarter on themselves.? Miceli's mindset is one that a growing number of AV gear manufacturers might do well to contemplate. As more manufacturers ? from companies like Harman Pro to Loud T

Tom Zind is a freelance writer and researcher based in Prairie Village, KS. He has written for a variety of business-to-business publications and can be reached at

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