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New Products: June 2006

Tributaries video distribution system, Comprehensive high-definition cables, Gefen AV distribution amplifier, QSC audio amplifiers, dbx audio system processor ...

Video distribution system

The Tributaries SES 114TT four-channel video system is designed to distribute component and high-definition video signals up to 1080p over Cat5e cable. The system includes the SES 114TT transmitter (pictured here) and the 110RW receiver. The transmitter provides an RCA-jack trio for component video input, as well as four RJ45 network connector outputs. The 110RW receiver features three RCA jacks for component video, and connects to Cat5e cable using snap-on terminations. Users can also send audio along with composite video by connecting the L/R audio cables to the red and blue RCA input jacks on the transmitter, while connecting the composite video input to the green RCA input jack. Price: $599 (SES 114TT); $199 (110RW). Availability: currently available (both models). For more information, contact Tributaries at 781-762-9300 or at

High-definition video cables

Designed for transmission of high-definition video signals to and from flat-panel displays, digital and satellite cable receivers, and streaming video devices, the XHD high-definition cables from Comprehensive consist of oxygen-free, copper-center conductors, nitrogen gas dielectrics, and double shielding. The cables are available in composite, component, S-video, VGA, DVI, HDMI signal formats, as well as digital audio. Price: $19.95 to $269.95, depending on length and type. Availability: currently available (all configurations). For more information, contact Comprehensive at 800-526-0242 or at

AV distribution amplifier

Gefen's 1x3 Component AV Distribution Amplifier has one RGB component input and one S/PDIF input, as well as three RGB component outputs and three S/PDIF outputs that simultaneously feed high-definition sound and video to up to three displays. Targeted for use in system testing in presentation and production applications, the amplifier supports resolutions up to 1080p component video. It's available with a 6-foot source connection cable and an external power supply. Price: $199. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Gefen at 800-545-6900 or at

Audio amplifiers

QSC's PLX1104 and PLX1804 two-channel audio amplifiers are designed to power up to two speakers from each amplifier channel in applications that don't require bridged or 2-ohm operation. The PLX1104 (pictured here) provides 550 W per channel at 4 ohms, while the PLX1804 provides 900 W per channel at 4 ohms. Both 13-pound models feature the company's PowerLight AC power supply technology, Speakon NL-4 output connectors, and 21-position, front-panel gain controls. The amplifiers also offer clip and thermal limiting. Price: N/A (both models). Availability: currently available (both models). For more information, contact QSC at 800-854-4079 or at

Audio system processor

The dbx DriveRack 4820 audio system processor is designed for use in house of worship and music venue installations. The processor, which includes DSP inserts in each of its four inputs and eight outputs, features multiple processing tools, including equalization, delay, compression and limiting, and bandpass and crossover filters. The device has a 96 kHz processing engine, and incorporates HiQnet connectivity protocol. The processor is also available with an optional CobraNet card. Price: $2,999.95. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact dbx at 801-568-7660 or at

LCD video monitor

The MON4-2W/HR Quad high-resolution LCD video monitor from Wohler Technologies is designed to enable users to monitor multiple video feeds in control room and post-production applications. The unit includes four 4.3-inch diagonal LCD monitors and four HD/SD-SDI inputs. The unit's monitors have 480x272 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratios. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Wohler Technologies at 510-870-0810 or at

Stage monitors

Martin Audio has introduced the LE2100, LE1500, and LE1200 stage monitors. The LE2100, which is designed for large stage applications, is a three-way, bi-amplified monitor that consists of dual 12-inch low-frequency drivers, a 6.5-inch mid-range driver, and a 1-inch exit compression driver. Aimed at touring and theater applications, the LE1500 two-way, active/passive monitor (pictured here) includes a 15-inch low-frequency driver and a 1.4-inch exit compression driver. Targeted at small stage applications, the LE1200 features a 12-inch low-frequency driver and a 1.4-inch exit compression driver. Price: N/A (all models). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, contact Martin Audio at 519-747-5853 or at

Rental & staging projector

Christie Digital Systems has released the S+20K DLP projector, which has native SXGA+ (1400x1050) resolution, 20,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, and an 1,800:1 contrast ratio. Designed for large rental & staging applications in live entertainment, trade show, and exhibition venues, the three-chip DLP projector provides motorized lens functions for powered focus, zoom, and horizontal and vertical offset. The unit features integrated ChristieNET networking, and supports multiple types of control, including RS232, RS422, DMX 512, IR remote, wired remote, and direct control panel input. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Christie Digital Systems at 866-880-4462 or at

Plasma display

Targeted for use in digital signage and boardroom applications, Sony's 42-inch FWD-42PX2 plasma display has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 450 cd/m2 brightness, and picture-in-picture capability. The display includes DVI-HDCP, RS232 connectivity, and dual option accessory and input slots. It's available with an optional BKM-FW50 network media card, which provides network status and control, and streams video and media over an IP network. Price: $2,400. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Sony at 800-222-7669 or at

Video processor control system

The SpyderPoint PowerPoint-based control system from Vista Systems is designed to be used with the company's Spyder video processor. The control system includes real-time compositing, a windowing environment, and processing capabilities. It's compatible with PowerPoint 2003, and enables users to switch to other Vista Systems control options to manage additional aspects of a presentation. Price: free for Spyder processor users. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Vista Systems at 602-943-5700 or at

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