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New Products: February 2006

Turbosound sub-bass enclosure, Smart Technologies interactive whiteboard, Remaco IR extender, and more.

Line array configuration software

TCS Audio has released EASE Focus software for its model TL1200 line array. The software is a 2D, acoustic simulation program that enables users to configure and model line arrays. It calculates the array's dimensions, weight, and center of gravity to determine correct pick points and hang angles. The EASE Focus software and TCS Audio line arrays are designed to be used in arenas, theaters, amphitheaters, and outdoor events. Price: free to download from the company's website. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact TCS Audio at 800-403-4484 or at

Power conditioning cords

The Stratus 52, Aurora 52, Electra 52, Silver Electra 52, and Gold Electra 52 power conditioning cords from Wireworld are designed for use with AV components. According to the company, the cords' flat geometry is designed to minimize unwanted power line noise and harmonics. All models feature two low-impedance copper shields, and are available in 2- and 3-meter lengths. Price: $99.99 Stratus 52 (2-meter length); $179.95 Aurora 52 (2-meter length); $359.95 Electra 52 (2-meter length); $699.95 Silver Electra 52 (2-meter length); $1,995.95 Gold Electra 52 (2-meter length). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, contact Wireworld at 954-680-3848 or at

Wireless networking products

Netgear's RangeMax 240 line of wireless networking products includes the WPNT834 wireless router, the WPNT511 wireless notebook adapter, and the WPNT121 USB 2.0 adapter. The WPNT834 (pictured here) offers transmission speeds up to 240 Mb/s, and its Spatial Multiplexing technology enables transmission of multiple wireless streams of data on a single wireless channel. The WPNT511 notebook adapter and WPNT121 USB 2.0 adapter are designed to connect the WPNT834 router to PC card (CardBus) slots and USB ports. Price: $199 (WPNT834); $129 (WPNT511); N/A (WPNT121). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, contact Netgear at 408-907-8000 or at

HDTV tuner/DVR

Contemporary Research's IP-HDVR HDTV tuner and digital video recorder (DVR) can be controlled via Ethernet, RS232, IR, and onboard webpage connectivity. The unit displays high- and standard-definition video signals, including component, RGB, DVI, composite, and S-video. As an HDTV tuner, the unit supports ATSC and NTSC broadcasts from off-air antenna and cable RF inputs. The tuner also decodes clear-cable, digital QAM channels, and controls external analog cable boxes for subscription-based programming. The unit's DVR function offers a 120 GB hard drive for recording and displaying digital video from IEEE-1394 ports as well as upscaled analog video from two AV inputs. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Contemporary Research at 888-972-2728 or at

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