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New Products: December 2006

Jeron intercom system, Da-Lite Screen Co. AV cart, Analog Way video controller ...

Audio system bridge

Aviom's AN-16SBR System Bridge is designed for use with the company's Pro16 Series products in digital snake and audio distribution systems with more than 32 channels. The AN-16SBR is used at both ends of each 48- or 64-channel run. The system bridge supports 64x0, 48x16, 32x32, and smaller configurations. The AN-16SBR incorporates two 1U rack-mount modules, each with four 16-channel Neutrik EtherCon connectors and one 64-channel Neutrik EtherCon connector for bridge output. Multiple units can be combined to create complex systems. Price: $365. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Aviom at 610-738-9005 or at

Long distance audio bridge

The SymNet CobraLink long distance audio and control data bridge from Symetrix features 64 channels of audio capacity to bridge the company's SymLink hardware to any CobraNet audio network. CobraLink transmits up to 32 channels and receives up to 32 channels of audio and SymNet control data over a CobraNet network. The device provides an Ethernet control interface for other SymLink hardware and 64 channels of SymLink bussing. The CobraLink incorporates two RS232 ports, one RS485 port, and primary and secondary CobraNet ports. Price: $1,999. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Symetrix at 425-778-7728 or at

Theater processor

Targeted at home theater and custom applications, the Maestro M2e theater processor from AudioControl incorporates the company's Active Balanced Technology to output a high-resolution component video signal that can extend 1,000 feet over Cat5 wiring. AudioControl BVR-25 or BVR-20 receivers accept the signal and convert it back to a standard component video signal. The Maestro M2e outputs 1080, 720, or 480 component video and digital audio via an RJ45 connector. An eight-channel direct analog input supports DVD-A and SACD sources. Price: $2,399. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact AudioControl at 425-775-8461 or at

Digital audio processor software

Eventide's 5.2 software, which is designed for the company's H8000FW digital processor, incorporates 249 effects modules for creating unique effects from the front panel or via supplied VSIG and VSIG X programming tools. The software's Audiomux audio crossbar router is designed for surround sound and other complex routings. A Delay_XF crossfading multitap delay features modulation and gain. An EQS module provides double precision series EQ with multiple filter shapes and parameter changes. The Moddetun pitch detune module has modulation capability, and an overload indicator detects overloads from within a signal path. Price: $99. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Eventide at 201-641-1200 or at

Video switchers

For-A Corp. of America has introduced the VPS-700 GINGA 1 M/E digital switcher and HANABI HVS-1000HS switcher, which are designed for government broadcasting, analysis, and surveillance applications. The VPS-700 GINGA 1 M/E digital switcher (pictured here) features frame synchronization for each input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers, six chroma keyers, and six 3D DVE channels. The switcher supports 525/60 and 325/50 SD formats. The 2RU HANABI HVS-1000HS mix/effect switcher supports 1080i, 24p, 720p, SD, HD, NTSC, and PAL formats. Both switchers are available in 2D or 3D versions. Price: $24,000 (VPS-700 2D); $27,000 (VPS-700 3D); $49,000 (HVS-1000HS 2D); $53,000 (HVS-1000HS 3D). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, contact For-A at 714-894-3311 or at

Flat-panel display protector

Designed for standard size, large-format plasma and LCD displays, the ITSENCLOSURES Viewstation can be used in a variety of settings to protect monitors from theft, vandalism, and tampering. The Viewstation is available as a pole, wall, or ceiling mount. The product is sealed, lockable, and secure, and can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. A filter fan system keeps the monitor cool, and an infrared sensor allows for remote IR distribution control. The enclosure is available in black and stainless steel. Price: starts at $3,899. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact ITSENCLOSURES at 800-423-9911 or at

Interactive whiteboard software

SMART Technologies Inc. has introduced SMART Board software 9.5 for Linux operating systems. The software supports Fedora Core 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, and SUSE 10. Version 9.5 features a Gallery search option, annotation tools, full drag-and-drop functionality, pre-loaded digital content, a Freehand Screen Capture tool, and a Spotlight tool. The program can be used with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, Sympodium interactive pen displays, and AirLiner wireless slates. SMART Board software is also available in version 9.5 for Mac and Windows. Price: free at Availability: currently available. For more information, contact SMART Technologies at 403-245-0333 or at

Stereo audio receivers

Onkyo's TX-8522 and TX-8222 stereo audio receivers both feature FM/AM tuners, a high-current, low-impedance drive, and a range of connectivity. Optional features include XM-Ready satellite radio compatibility, multi-room, multi-source capability, and compatibility with the company's iPod control docks. The TX-8522 (pictured here) delivers 100 W per channel into 8 ohms. The product incorporates a rear panel XM connect-and-play port, which allows users to connect to an XM Passport portable antenna. It includes three audio inputs, two video inputs, a phono input, and two AV outputs. The TX-8222 delivers 50 W per channel into 8 ohms. It features three audio inputs, one phono preamplified input, and two audio outputs. Price: $349 (TX-8522); $249 (TX-8222). Availability: currently available (both models). For more information, contact Onkyo at 800-229-1687 or at

DSP console EQ and filter plug-in

Solid State Logic has released the Console EQ and Filters plug-in for its Soundscape DSP platform. The plug-in includes an equalizer section and flexible four-band parametric EQ, which includes one SSL G Series-based EQ and one SSL E Series-based EQ. The plug-in includes high and low frequency shelving bands, and two overlapping bands with adjustable EQ. EQ can be graphically represented with the EQ Graph button. A filter section includes a 12 dB/octave low-pass filter and an 18 dB/octave high-pass filter, which can be placed before or after the equalizer section. Price: $375. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Solid State Logic at 212-315-1111 or at

Sequential power panel

The ACSPR-SCS4-1509 rackmountable sequential power panel from Lowell Manufacturing incorporates surge suppression and an alarm interface. The panel features six switched outlets and three unswitched outlets. The product's sequencer provides time delayed, four-step activation and deactivation of equipment plugged into the unit. The unit is also available with rocker or key switch activation. Both unit options are also available without surge suppression. Price: $353.69. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Lowell Manufacturing at 636-257-3400 or at

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