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New Products: August 2006

CodexNovus media server, ALTO public address system, Crestron audio distribution system ...

LED display

The OLite 612 LED display from Barco is designed for indoor and outdoor use in rental & staging and creative applications. The OLite 612 features a 12 mm pixel pitch, 6,000-nit brightness output, 15-bit processing, a 145-degree horizontal viewing angle, and an 80-degree vertical viewing angle. The product's shader design improves black levels in daylight, according to the company. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Barco at 916-859-2500 or at

Curved projection screens

The TheaterCurve projection screens from Screen Research include curved 1.78 and 2.35 aspect ratio models. The screens, which feature ClearPix screen material, are available in sizes from 50 to 270 inches wide. The screens are designed for use in home theater applications, post-production facilities, dance clubs, recording studios, houses of worship, and other small- to medium-sized venues. Price: Screens start at $2,700. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Screen Research at +33-(0)-2-40-77-87-89 or at

Video processing chip

Silicon Optix's Reon-VX fully-programmable Realta chip offers HQV four-field, motion-adaptive, per-pixel, high-definition de-interlacing for sharp HD images. The chip enables true 1080p reconstruction of HD film sources. Designed for high-volume applications such as plasma TVs, LCD TVs, RPTVs, projectors, AV receivers, set-top boxes, media center PCs, and DVD players, it also features complete input-to-output 4:4:4 color processing and a 10-bit diagonal interpolator that removes “jaggies” without blurring the image, according to the company. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Silicon Optix at 408-392-1350 or at

Power amplifiers

Dynacord's CL series includes the CL 2000, CL 1600, CL 1200, and CL 800 models. Each model includes low-emission torroidal transformers, and is protected against overheating, overloading, short-cuts, and HF or DC at output via relay switches. The product features a three-speed fan, electronically balanced XLR inputs, parallel outputs, input routing, and uniform constant-gain structure from 32 dB. Price: $845 (CL 800); $1,035 (CL 1200); $1,220 (CL 1600); $1,430 (CL 2000). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, contact Dynacord at 800-392-3497 or at

Digital signage solutions

Triveni Digital's SkyScraper Ensignia digital signage products and SkyScraper Emergency Services Network emergency alert network systems are extensions of the company's content distribution platform. SkyScraper (ESN) is based on Triveni Digital software that enables public safety agencies to deliver and display training videos and emergency alerts on LCD screens. SkyScraper Ensignia products create, manage, and distribute commercial messages via satellite, DTV, or Internet to individual displays and networks of displays. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Triveni Digital at 609-716-3500 or at

Sequencing controller

The Middle Atlantic Products MPR-SEQ six-step sequencing controller, which can be installed internally in the company's Modular Power Raceway System or as a standalone module, sequentially powers on AV components. For use with RLM Series Advanced Modules, the device uses a contact closure to switch RLM modules. Sequencing with the product can be initiated locally or remotely. Price: $197. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Middle Atlantic Products at 973-839-1011 or at

Network media player

ViewSonic's NMP-500 Network Media Player includes a fully featured Mozilla Web browser. The device streams high-definition content from the Internet, supporting animations and high-definition video from Flash, Dreamweaver, and Frontpage at up to 20 MB/s. It simultaneously streams MPEG-1/2/4 video signals in real time. The NMP-500 can be combined with any ViewSonic display and managed remotely via Internet Protocol. The company's ND4200-LS integrated 42-inch LCD display features an integrated web browser and a 43 GB internal hard drive. It supports local playback of digital media, and can be integrated with other digital signage networks. Price: $699 (NMP-500); $4,999 (ND4200-LS). Availability: currently available (both models). For more information, contact ViewSonic at 800-688-6688 or at

Disk recorder

The V1-HD/LE disk recorder from Doremi Labs provides real-time recording and HD video playback for AV applications. The V1-HD/LE is designed for use with high-resolution video projectors, plasmas, and LCD displays in theme parks, museums, concerts, and stage events. It records and plays HD-SDI and SD-SDI video at 1.7:1 compression at 744 Mb/s. The product contains two removable drives for up to 40 minutes of recording, and can store files in SD or HD format, including 1080i/p, 720p, and 525- or 625-line video. Price: $15,000 (20-minute storage); $16,000 (40-minute storage). Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Doremi Labs at 818-562-1101 or at

WXGA projector

Boxlight has introduced the Broadview WXGA (1280x768) projector, which is designed for corporate and portable presentation applications. The projector has a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and 2,600 ANSI lumens of brightness. The device includes DVI-I, RCA, audio, and S-video inputs, as well as stereo mini jack and USB outputs. The Broadview offers a built-in 2 W speaker, and also features manual zoom and focus capabilities. Price: $1,999. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Boxlight at 800-884-6464 or at

Screen masking panels

The Fast-Fold Masking Panels from Da-Lite Screen Company allow native HDTV (16:9) aspect ratio projection screens to be masked to NTSC video (4:3). The Fast-Fold masking panels are available for the company's native HDTV Fast-Fold Deluxe, Standard Fast-Fold, Truss Deluxe, and Standard Truss projection screens. Price: Panels start at $108. Availability: currently available. For more information, contact Da-Lite at 800-622-3737 or at

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