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New Products: April 2007

Yamaha DSP expansion module, Intelix broadband video balun, QSC Audio Products system controller ...

DSP expansion module

The Yamaha DSP5D expander for the PM5D digital sound reinforcement console is a standalone unit that expands the capabilities of the PM5D to 96 mono plus 16 stereo input channels, includes two additional card slots with more effects and dynamics processing, and can be used with a PC and Yamaha Studio Manager software. When PM5D is used in conjunction with the new DCU5D Ethernet Audio Cascade Unit and a DSP5D, the unit can be set in a remote location and controlled from the PM5D up to 100 meters using a Cat5 cable, doubling the mixing power of the console's input channels, effects processors, and other console connectivity features. Price: $27,000. Availability: May 2007. For more information, contact Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems at 714-522-9011 or at

Broadband video balun

A broadband video over Cat5 balun from Intelix, the RF-F replaces the company's VB balun. The unit transmits broadband video (cable TV channels 2-150; VHF channels 2-13) up to 300 feet over standard unshielded twisted pair cabling such as Cat. 5 or Cat. 5e, supporting broadband (RF) signals up to 900 MHz. To use, users connect the unit to a source device, connect standard unshielded twisted pair cabling, and connect a second RF-F balun to the destination device. The RF-F does not require a secondary power supply and features a male F connector and RJ45 connector. Price: $80.95. For more information, contact Intelix at 866-4-MATMIX or at

System controller

The SC28 System Controller from QSC Audio Products is a two-input, eight-output DSP device that offers user-adjustable EQ and delay. Featuring 48 kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion technology, the unit incorporates balanced, line-level, analog XLR connectors at all inputs and outputs, while all DSP tunings feature infinite impulse response (IIR) as well as finite impulse response (FIR) filtering. Providing a drive signal to the amplifiers and loudspeakers with the most accurate acoustical magnitude, frequency, and phase domain performance, the company maintains that FIR filtering and its correction compensate for inherent transducer and waveguide magnitude and time-based response anomalies. Price: N/A. For more information, contact QSC Audio Products at 800-854-4079 or at

Mini-dome cameras

JVC Professional Products introduces two new high-performance fixed IP mini-dome cameras. The VN-C215VP4U and VN-C215V4U provide versatile monitoring with power over Ethernet (POE) capability. The vandal-resistant VN-C215VP4U is ideal for outdoor applications while the VN-C215V4U is better suited for indoor installations. Both cameras feature high-resolution Interline Transfer CCDs with 380,000 effective pixels that reproduce excellent detailed images. Both cameras are compatible with the company's Hybrid Network Video Recorder, the VR-N900U, producing high-quality images in the Motion-JPEG format with resolution of up to 640x480 pixels and a maximum full frame rate of 30 fps. Price: VN-C215VP4U, $1,120; VN-C215VP4U, $950. For more information, contact JVC Professional Products at 800-582-5825 or at

Two-channel amplifier

Sherbourn Technologies has introduced the TST 200-4 two-channel amplifier, which uses Thermal Shift Technology for driving multiple pairs of speakers without distorting or going into premature thermal shutdown. The unit comes in a 1U-high (1.75 inches) chassis with 200-/300-watt (8/4 ohm) output that can drive up to four pairs of speakers at 2 ohms. The front panel includes a master power switch, an LED, and four buttons that link to four sets of speaker outputs on the rear panel, eliminating the need for a separate speaker selector box, according to the company. Price: $800. For more information, contact Sherbourn at 978-663-7385 or at

Rack-mountable mixers

The latest addition to its Installation Series of rack-mountable mixers, the MX61 and MX81 models from Australian Monitor feature six (MX61) or eight (MX81) channels of whisper-quiet preamplification in a single rack space. According to the company, the units have the ability to switch between XLR line-level, XLR mic-level (with or without phantom power), or dual RAC RCA inputs. Both models feature a recess trim control (+/-15dB), dual-color signal present indication LED, and 100Hz and 10kHz shelving EQs on each channel. Users can configure input one as pre- or post-master so that it can serve as an override or emergency paging channel. Both mixers operate on 100VAC or on 24VDC via an external power source. Optional remote VCA, tone generator, or muting boards are also available. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Australian Monitor at 866-434-9190 or at

Analog consoles

High-performance analog consoles, the Spectra Ci and Ti from APB-DynaSonics feature balanced insert sends and returns on separate ¼-inch phone jacks to more easily match the existing wiring schemes of production companies. All models include a variable high pass filter (20 Hz to 400 Hz) with ON switch and LED. The Spectra Ci has a four-band EQ with HF and LF switchable between two frequencies — the two sweepable mid bands have a one-octave bandwidth. The Spectra Ti EQ is sweepable in all four bands and includes shelving/bell switches on the HF/LF frequency bands. All VCA-based models are available in 24, 32, 40, 48, and 56 mono input formats and feature four additional stereo input channels. A 24 mono input channel expander is also available for use with all available configurations for Spectra consoles. Price: N/A. For more information, contact APBS-DynaSonics at 973-785-1101 or at

Kiosk display

A scratch-resistant open frame display with capacitive touch screen technology, the LB1500RTC from Planar Systems is designed for high-traffic, high-visibility areas, including retail, rail, and the hospitality industries. According to the company, the kiosk display features a brightness of almost twice that of standard displays. The 15-inch durable 3M ClearTek II display with USB interface provides improved touch accuracy, optical performance, and improved surface wear against scratching. It's also RoHS compliant and compatible with mounting options that use the 75 mm VESA standard. Price: $639. For more information, contact Planar Systems at 503-748-1100 or at

LCD monitors

A new suite of LCD monitors for PCs is available from Computer Technology Link. The 22-, 24-, and 26-inch LCD monitors are new to the company's Lx family of TFT models for high-end desktop use. They offer resolutions up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA), brightness levels up to 500cd/m2, and contrast ratios as high as 1,000:1. The units also incorporate HDCP technology. According to the company, this means the monitors can be used for displaying digital signals such as movies that have been encrypted by the content provider. Price: 22-inch model, $349; 24-inch model, $549; 26-inch model, $749. For more information, contact Computer Technology Link at 800.642.3087 or at

Matrix switcher

A new range of 12x12 matrix switchers is now available from Extron Electronics. The new switchers, which serve a need for additional I/O sizes for mid-sized signal routing applications, include the MAV Plus 1212 AV for composite video and stereo audio, the MVX 1212 VGA A for VGA and stereo audio, the CrossPoint 300 1212 Series for wideband RGBHV and stereo audio, and the CrossPoint 450 Plus 1212 Series for ultra-wideband RGBHV and stereo audio. Price: N/A. For more information, contact Extron Electronics at 800-633-9876 or at

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