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Medical School Goes The Distance

The University of Arizona College of Medicine's new Phoenix campus uses advanced AV technology for distance education and telemedicine.

Enter Thomas Russell's book, “The No Significant Difference Phenomenon,” a fully indexed, comprehensive research bibliography of 355 research reports, summaries and papers that document no significant difference (NSD) in student outcomes based on the mode of education delivery (face-to-face or at a distance). Published in 1999, the book's companion Web site ( tracks research and reference papers regarding NSD and distance learning.

As noted in the white paper, “Navigating the Sea of Research on Videoconferencing-Based Distance Education: A Platform for Understanding Research into the Technology's Effectiveness and Value,” authored for Polycom Inc. by Alan Greenberg, senior analyst and partner with Wainhouse Research: “A more fruitful approach might be simply to accept what Russell calls ‘the good news' — that ‘technology does not denigrate instruction. This fact opens doors to employing technologies to increase efficiencies, circumvent obstacles, bridge distances, and the like.' ”

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