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Trends in Restaurant AV

the National Restaurant Association projects that overall restaurant industry sales will increase in current dollars by 2.5 percent over 2008.

AV Helps Sports Bar Sport Family Feel

Photo: Courtesy Soundvision Systems

Sports bars aren't just for adults anymore, at least that's the concept many restaurateurs are adopting when launching new establishments. More frequently, owners are trading traditional restaurant templates for separate multifunctional spaces that incorporate individual themes. Combining indoor dining spaces with bar/lounge areas and outdoor eateries, a new breed of restaurants is striving to appeal to customers of all ages. And using cutting-edge AV systems in the process draws them in and keeps them coming back.

The new Bru's Room in Coconut Creek, Fla., the brainchild of Miami Dolphins linebacker Bob "Bru" Brudzinski and his partner, Wings 'N Things founder Eddie Hauk, is the perfect case in point. This upscale 20,000-square-foot facility boasts five different rooms–a family dining area, outdoor covered dock, patio bar, kids ice cream parlor, and private lounge–each outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and video systems designed by Coral Springs, Fla.-based SoundVision Systems.

The high-powered sound system in the main areas is centered around Community VERIS 3594 and 3294 loudspeakers, with the bottom end handled by Community SONUS 18-inch subwoofers. The outdoor lounge is served by four of Community's R.5 all-weather models, while Cloud6 ceiling speakers cover the dining areas. The system is powered by Lab.gruppen and Samson amplification, with DSP and zoning handled by nine Biamp SPM412e controllers.

"Good sound was a priority for these guys–not just loud, but well focused," says SoundVision's Ron Adams. "It was important to be able to fill the area with club-quality sound, but not blast out the bartenders or the customers."

More than 80 video displays provide non-stop action virtually everywhere in the club, with 30 DirecTV HD receivers networked via Cat-5. The main restaurant area is outfitted with an 18-foot Sanyo projector system, as well as 24 Panasonic 58-inch plasma screens. The same setup graces the outdoor patio area. In the kids' room, three 55-inch Hitachi plasma displays keep the youngsters busy, while parents can watch them courtesy of several CCTV cameras. Even the restrooms are covered by 23-inch LCD displays.

"These guys really went the extra mile in putting together a top-notch environment," says Adams. "It's not just a boys' club kind of place; it's the kind of place you can bring the whole family. It's really the only place of its kind."

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