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InfoComm 2007 Product Preview

A sampling of new products to be displayed at the InfoComm 2007 show, June 15-21 in Anaheim, Calif

Display coverings

Media Decor debuts a new line of frames and art pieces designed to cover wall-mounted, flat-panel televisions. The Illusion series remote-controlled art coverings, created to conceal the “black holes” left by flat-panel TVs while they're turned off, fits over almost any 42- or 50-inch screen and includes an exclusive selection of four different frame choices and 18 contemporary art piece selections. The Illusion's remote controlled electronic drive system moves the art effortlessly up and down over the dark screen, and is powered by the near-silent Lutron Sivoia QED (Quiet Electronic Drive). A stylish, handheld remote and all of the electronics and necessary mounting hardware are included with every Illusion piece. Illusion series products are compatible with leading control and automation systems through the RS-232 port. Price: $2,495. For more information, see Media Decor at InfoComm Booth 7247, visit or call 954-524-1104.
Interactive voting keypad

Based on its Reply CRS7200 keypad, Fleetwood Group is adding a new group response system to its lineup. Together, CRS7200 wireless handheld keypads and a CRS970 base station make up a two-way interactive voting system that includes the following features: multiline LCD displays; two-way spread spectrum radio, employing an advanced communications protocol; multiple interactive modes of operation; multiple connections to a PC as standard, including USB and Ethernet. Price: N/A. For more information, see Fleetwood Group at InfoComm Booth 3615, or contact the company at 616-396-1142 or at
Firmware upgrade

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has made DME Series Version 3 firmware upgrade available for all DME digital mixing engines as a free download. This upgrade enhances the functionality and versatility of the DME series product line, including the DME64N and DME24N DME Satellite Series products, including CobraNet-compatible DME8i-C, DME8o-C, DME4io-C, and EtherSound-compatible DME8o-ES and DME8i-ES. Two new features include an Auto Gain Control component that automatically compensates for variations in the level of a speaker's voice, and Auto Mixer II, which provides an override function and automatic output level control. DME Version 3 has improved zoning capabilities by including a Room Combiner component that greatly facilitates the ability to combine or divide rooms such as in a conference-style environment, and also control in undivided spaces, such as shopping centers or themed restaurants. Price: N/A. For more information, see Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems at InfoComm Booth 9047, or contact the company at 714-522-9011 or at
Composite video cables

The three most popular SDI/HD coaxial cables from Belden are now available in its patented Banana Peel construction. Product #1855A, 1505A, and 1694A video snake cables are ideal for use in applications that demand HD/SDI video, component video, unbalanced analog or digital audio, computer CAD/CAM, high-end computer graphics and animation, live studio, field and mobile television, and high-resolution monitors and projection imaging. These three models are available in bundles of three, five, and six. All cables are pre-timed to ensure a delay difference of less than 5.0ns/100 feet between coaxes, allowing for cut-and-connect installation with no TDR or Vectorscope timing required. Price: N/A. For more information, see Belden at InfoComm Booth 17030, or contact the company at 800-235-3361 or at

Octo Vue FX from Analog Way is a high-resolution digital and analog computer and video up/down scaler switcher, ideal for applications such as house of worship, conference rooms, and large-screen projection. Providing a true scaled preview and many effects, including high-resolution PIP in computer and video formats, the unit offers features such as fading, tilting, high-res logo insertion, and frame store. It is fitted with eight universal AV inputs, including one DVI, and four outputs, including two analog and one DVI for main and one analog for the preview. Price: N/A. For more information, see Analog Way at InfoComm Booth 6426, or contact the company at 212-269-1902 or at
Wireless VGA module

A new wireless VGA and audio module is available from Avocent. As part of the company's Emerge MPX1000 extender, the module enables a combination of multipoint transmitters and receivers to work in unison to form a managed audio/video extension network. A synchronized stream of high-definition computer graphics up to 1280 x 768 resolution, HD video including 720p, stereo audio, and control data are transmitted wire-lessly to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers. The unit extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3,000 feet and wirelessly through walls up to 150 feet, or up to 1,000 feet line-of-sight with optional directional antenna. Price: N/A. For more information, see Avocent at InfoComm Booth 815, or contact the company at 256-430-4000 or at
Powered loudspeakers

JBL Professional adds two new models to its VP series powered loudspeaker systems. The VP7210/95DP is a powered, 10-inch, two-way integrated loudspeaker system for spot-fill applications, featuring 1,750 watts of peak output power and onboard digital signal processing. The VP7210/95DP transducers are a JBL's 2260FF 10-inch Differential Drive Woofer and the JBL 2452H-SL compression driver. The high-frequency driver is coupled to a JBL PT-D95HF Progressive Transition Waveguide for excellent 90 x 50-degree pattern control, smooth frequency response and low distortion, according to the company. The VP7210/95DP is also easily rotated for horizontal or vertical system orientation. Designed specifically as a high-impact stage monitor, the VP7212MDP is a powered, 12-inch, two-way integrated loudspeaker system. It features 1,750 watts of peak output power and onboard digital signal processing. The VP7212MDP transducers are JBL's 2262FF 12-inch diameter Differential Driver woofer and the JBL 2452H-SL. Price: N/A. For more information, see JBL Professional at InfoComm Booth 8425, visit or call 818-894-8850.
Audio system

The SoundStructure line of installed voice products from Polycom offers 22 kHz stereo acoustic echo cancellation, feedback elimination, and advanced ambient noise cancellation on all input channels. It also features flexible telephony options with single-line and dual-line PSTN plug-in cards, and scales seamlessly from 8x8 to 128x128 (with all inputs available to all outputs), with connection to the company's HDX/RPX systems via a digital signal path. The line includes 8, 12 and 16 input/output “C” (conferencing) models, plus a 12-channel “SR” model designed for standalone sound-reinforcement applications or as additional audio inputs to a conferencing system. The company's new OBAM matrix architecture provides greater scalability by enabling multiple SoundStructure systems to be combined without the limitations of traditional bussing. New Windows-based SoundStructure Studio software features advanced signal grouping and labeling. Price: eight-channel system, $4,995; 12-channel system, $6,395; 16-channel system, $7,995. For more information, see Polycom at InfoComm Booth 2000, or contact the company at 925-924-6000 or at
FM products

Listen Technologies recently announced a full range of new FM products to accommodate the needs of the European market. This new line of products is designed to accommodate assistive listening and language interpretation for houses of worship, theaters, board-rooms, and meeting and training facilities. Features include an LCD display, limited lifetime warranty, 17 channels, and accessories. This new line of products includes a stationary transmitter (LT-800-863), a portable transmitter (LT-700-863), and two display receivers (LR-400-863 and LR-500-863). Price: N/A. For more information, see Listen Technologies at InfoComm Booth 8041, or contact the company at 801-233-8992 or at
XLR connectors

Neutrik introduces the industry's first Crimp-XLR cable connector and chassis receptacle products. As the crimp termination version of its XX and DLX series, the new Crimp-XLR is an ideal solution for volume cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications, according to the company. It's available in several models for greater versatility and faster assembly. The 3 pole FXX (NC3FXX-A-D) and MXX (NC3MXX-A-D) cable connectors are terminated on semi-automated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing, while the 3 pole FXX and MXX connectors (NC3FXX-HA/NC3MXX-HA) and the 3 pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools. Price: N/A. For more information, see Neutrik at InfoComm Booth 8033, visit or call 732-901-9488.

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