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InfoComm 2007 Product Preview

A sampling of new products to be displayed at the InfoComm 2007 show, June 15-21 in Anaheim, Calif

Audio system

QVS recently released the Mini Video Distribution Amplifier, an ultra-portable unit that broadcasts a 300 MHz UXGA signal to at least two video display outputs simultaneously up to 200 feet. The unit is self-powered through VGA or USB port, and comes with a built-in, 1-foot cable. Distribution amplifiers allow users to send one signal at the same time to multiple destinations, such as projectors or display monitors. Price: N/A. For more information, see QVS at InfoComm Booth 2244, or contact the company at 702-228-3670 or at
Projector mount

A new, ultra low-profile universal projector mount from Premier Mounts provides AV professionals with the benefits of both dedicated and universal mount designs —adaptability, ease of installation and integrated security, according to the company. Designed to fit projectors weighing up to 75 pounds, the PSD Plus universal projector mount holds projectors firmly in place and out of sight less than three inches from the ceiling. It's designed to meet precise projector positioning and ease of installation. The mount has four-axis, tilt and rotational adjustments: 33 degree tilt range (+/- 16.5 degree) and 15 degree roll range (+/- 7.5 degree). Combined with a 360 degree yaw with a 1 1/2-inch NPT and a 41 degree preset yaw, the mount provides AV professionals with the flexibility to address most mounting situations. Featuring the Premier Mounts' Lock-It Security System, the new mount locks the projector into place and protects all mount and adjustment points from being dislodged or tampered with by unauthorized personnel. Additionally, the mount adapts to PP-SEC50 Steel Chassis Lock which locks the chassis mounting points. Price: $199.99. For more information, see Premier Mounts at InfoComm Booth 7913, visit or call 800-368-9700.
LCD monitor

The Presentation Products Division of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America introduces its newest LCD digital signage monitor, the LDT421V (42-inch diagonal). With WXGA resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), the LDT421V is designed for high-impact, high-detail video displays and moving text in retail environments, movie theaters, information kiosks, and other commercial and public display venues. With a high brightness rating of 500 cd/m2, the LDT421V has a full range of professional AV connectivity for maximum integration flexibility and its own scheduling controls. Price: $3,995. For more information, see Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America at InfoComm Booth 2400, or contact the company at 888-307-0312 or at
Diffusor panels

Auralex Acoustics Inc. announces that its SpaceArray Diffusor has recently passed the requirements of a Class B fire rating. Unique in the industry for a wood diffu-sor product, the SpaceArray continues to deliver superior performance at a popular price point. Auralex's SpaceArray has successfully passed testing in accordance with ASTM E84, a standard test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. The test calculates both flame spread and smoke densities. Additionally, the SpaceArray recently passed acoustical testing in accordance with ISO 17497-1, a standard test method for sound scattering and sound scattering coefficients. Designed by Russ Berger for Auralex Acoustics, the SpaceArray combines hemispherical acoustical diffusion with a top-quality wood finish. Based on a quasirandom series that provides superior performance without visual patterning, the 24”x24” solid paulownia wood panels are ideal for control rooms, auditoriums, performance venues, listening rooms, home theaters and worship spaces, according to the company. Price: $399. For more information, see Auralex Acoustics at InfoComm Booth 9430, visit or call 317-842-2600.

The VERIS (VERsatile Installation Systems) line from Community Professional Loudspeakers includes a range of small- to medium-size loudspeakers. Models start with the VERIS6, a single 6-inch unit with an HF horn-driver combination in a compact enclosure. Next are a dual 6-inch, a single 8-inch, and a dual 8-inch model, also with attendant HF horn-drivers. These four models each ship with a yoke-style mounting bracket as an included accessory, and can be ordered with an optional low distortion and low insertion-loss 200W internal autoformer for 70V and 100V applications. The larger 12- and 15-inch VERIS models offer a choice of large-format horns, all employing the company's pattern control technology. Horn patterns include 90 degree x 60 degree and 60 degree x 40 degree for the two-way systems, and 90 degree x 40 degree and 60 degree x 40 degree for the three-way systems. Two low-profile subwoofers, a dual-10-inch and a dual-12-inch, offer high-quality LF performance by using the company's patented Cool-Coil heat evacuation system. Price: N/A. For more information, see Community Professional Loudspeakers at InfoComm Booth 9031, or contact the company at 800-523-4934 or at
Modular multiswitcher

The ISM 824 MultiSwitcher from Extron Electronics allows for simultaneous video/RGB scaling and wideband switching in a single compact enclosure. It combines the powerful signal routing capabilities of an eight-input, eight-output wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs. The unit can be equipped with any of the available scaling or scan conversion output boards for initial project requirements and to be upgraded in the future. Five output expansion boards are available for the ISM 824. The universal scaler output board features high-performance RGB and video scaling, with high-quality upconversion and downconversion of high resolution RGB signals at up to UXGA (1600x1200) as well as HDTV 1080p. Price: N/A. For more information, see Extron Electronics at InfoComm Booth 4419, or contact the company at 714-491-1500 or at
Gooseneck microphones

AKG Acoustics recently announced its new GN ESP Series of gooseneck microphones, featuring three models that offer a programmable mute switch to cover a wide range of applications. All three versions (GN 15 ESP, GN 30 ESP, and GN 50 ESP) can be programmed to on/off, push-to-talk, or push-to-mute operation. Offering high RF interference immunity, the series also provides an integrated LED ring to display the microphone's status. Fully programmable, the microphones feature hidden controls with jumpers inside to prevent users from unintentionally changing settings. All contacts are gold plated to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Price: N/A. For more information, see AKG Acoustics at InfoComm Booth 8425B, or contact the company at 818-920-3285 or at

The new 8XT and 12XT from L-Acoustics deliver sonic performance in a versatile multitasking package. Featuring an extremely compact (16.6 inches x 9.8 inches x 10.6 inches) and lightweight (24.2-pound) design is the 8XT cabinet, which has a frequency response of 65 Hz to 20 kHz. The 8XT has a 1.5-inch-diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded on an 8-inch, low-frequency transducer in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. Housed in a slightly larger enclosure (21.3 inches x 16.1 inches x 15.3 inches and weighing 63.8 pounds), the 12XT active/passive cabinet is the midsized model. It features a frequency response of 55 Hz to 20 kHz. The 12XT contains a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded on a 12-inch, low-frequency transducer in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. Managed by the LA4 controlled amplifier, the active filtering provides advanced crossover functions, system EQ, HF, and LF transducer time-alignment, and dual (real time and RMS) protection of the transducers. Price: N/A. For more information, see L-Acoustics at InfoComm Booth 9331, or contact the company at 805-604-0577 or at
Pole-mount amp

The 70W per channel PA702 pole-mount amp system from Atlas Sound is designed for pole-mounted display systems. A hole in the center of the PA702 chassis and a pole clamp enables easy mounting of the slim-profile amp at any height above a projector. The hole-mounting system also provides security against theft. The amp powers up from standby mode when the projector is powered on. Price: $332. For more information, see Atlas Sound at InfoComm Booth 9501, or contact the company at 602-438-4545 or at
Coaxial ceiling loudspeaker

The next generation of its CLOUD12 full-range, coaxial ceiling loudspeaker is available from Community Professional Loudspeakers. The new CLOUD12 features a redesigned frequency dividing network with improved high-order filter slopes for improved off-axis clarity and intelligibility, as well as a new lower-profile design. A 200W autoformer replaces the previous transformer used in the “T” models, providing the same low-frequency extension but with an improved high-frequency response with lower distortion and lower insertion loss. The unit is available in 90 degree by 90 degree or 60 degree by 60 degree patterns. Price: N/A. For more information, see Community Professional Loudspeakers at InfoComm Booth 9031, or contact the company at 610-876-3400 or at

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