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Infocomm '09 Products: Signal Managment

New Chief mounts, Lutron's wireless shading system, Bretford technology carts, more

New at InfoComm '09

The GefenTV Digital Audio Processor integrates high-definition video systems and existing amplified audio systems using a single HDMI source for plug-and-play connections, says the company. The processor accepts one HDMI input and offers two outputs: one passes through to the HDMI display or projector, one decodes the audio for a direct connection to existing audio systems. The audio can be output in either digital or analog format, with the processor capable of up-sampling, down-sampling, decoding Dolby, and passing through high bit-rate formats. Gefen. 818-772-9100.

New at InfoComm '09

The ZM-24 transceiver module from Remote Technologies is among the company's new two-way enabled devices. The ZM-24 can receive and transmit signals at 2.4 GHz to create a self-healing wireless mesh network. According to the company, this configuration creates a bidirectional communication link between ZigBee-enabled RTI control processors and handheld remote controls. With the ZM-24, feedback, such as song metadata or volume level from supported devices, can be viewed on the remote control. Multiple ZM-24 transceiver modules can be widely deployed to provide control of large areas. RTI. 952-253-3100.


Furman is rolling out its new P-2400 AR and P-2400 IT systems, the latest additions to the company's Prestige Series of power conditioners. The P-2400 AR is a 20A rack-mountable voltage regulator/power conditioner with Furman's True RMS Voltage Regulation Technology. It provides 120-volt output (+/- 5 volts) from any input voltage ranging from 97 volts to 137 volts, the company says. As a power conditioner, the P-2400 AR features the company's SMP/LiFT/EVS technologies for pro-level protection and linear AC noise filtration. The P-2400 IT is a 20A rack-mountable, symmetrically balanced power conditioner, offering more than 80 dB of common-mode and more than 50 dB of differential-mode noise reduction. It also provides isolation from line, neutral, and ground, as well as the same pro-level technologies as the P-2400 AR. Furman. 707-763-101.

New at New at InfoComm '09

The HaiVision Barracuda compact H.264 encoder supports SDI, S-video, and Composite video inputs, and addresses various IP video users by supporting such features as HiLo Streaming. The Barracuda is compatible with industry-standard set-top boxes, and now integrates with the recently acquired Video Furnace System 5, the company's end-to-end H.264 IP video solution with InStream desktop player. The Barracuda comes as a standalone appliance or in a 4RU rack-mount chassis for up to 21 Barracuda mini-blade encoders. HaiVision Network Video. 877-224-5445.


Alcorn McBride is showcasing its new DVM-8400HD Digital Video Machine HD video player, offering 30 Mbps maxiumum playback rate in a compact chassis with no moving parts. Video can be copied and stored directly on CompactFlash cards or transferred via USB or Ethernet. The video clips can be triggered via contact closures, play lists, real-time schedules, RS-232, Ethernet, or GPS-tracked geographical zones. A front-panel knob and display provide status and access to configuration options. The DVM-8400HD can be mounted in racks, under tables, behind monitors, or in other areas, according to the company. Alcorn McBride. 407-296-5800.

New at InfoComm '09

The DIDO LT Video Wall Processor from Aurora Multimedia lets integrators design videowalls with up to 64 monitors. On-screen menus ease setup, and input and output resolutions can be customized to match the displays' optimal settings. Image-enhancing capabilities include motion adaptive de-interlacing, low-angle direction interpolation, color correction, and image zoom and shrink. An event scheduler allows special effects to be scheduled locally and between DIDO units. Aurora Multimedia. 732-591-5800.

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