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InfoComm '09 Products: Audio

Yamaha amps and mixers, Audio-Technica's newest lavalier mic, Lectrosonics new audio networking family, more


The new 2000 Series from Sennheiser is a professional, entry-level wireless mic system that addresses a wide range of wireless applications. Handheld and bodypack transmitters come with single or twin receivers for use in stage, broadcasting, and installed sound situations. Depending on the UHF range, the units have a switching bandwidth of up to 72 MHz in the U.S., in which up to 64 compatible frequency presets are available for mics and up to 32 for monitoring systems. The series also features a frequency response of 25 or 80 Hz to 20 kHz, and a sensitivity that is adjustable within a wide range. Sennheiser Electronic Corp. 860-434-9190.


Azden's new six-channel infrared conferencing system features a rack-mount receiver with six individual, volume-adjustable outputs and one mixed output. The system, which offers security and protection from RF interference, also has four external sensor inputs in order to provide better coverage, according to the company. The chairman's mic can override the other mics. Each mic has an LED ring that lights up when in use. Azden Corp. 516-328-7500.


Martin's new ASX floor-mounted subwoofer lives in an enclosure measuring 46.9 x 23.6 x 46.9 inches, housing a 21-inch/6-inch voice coil driver with 2.4-inch peak-to-peak excursion, a Class-D amplifier with 8.5 kilowatts peak power, and full DSP. According to the company, combining these elements doubles the output capability of a conventionally driven loudspeaker driver of the same size. When incorporated into a Martin Audio Hybrid horn design with -3 dB at 30 Hz, the system can deliver 152 dB peak output (measured) from a single enclosure, the company says. Martin Audio. 519-747-5853.


The new 1600VP microphone from Astatic is the company's first continuously variable-pattern condenser, hanging microphone system that features remote polar control and an anti-rotational positioning mount. According to the company, the variable polar pattern with remote control allows the user to adjust the shape of the pick-up pattern to provide the best gain before feedback from a remote location. Low-noise elements produce a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz with a selectable recessed 80 Hz, 12 dB/octave high-pass filter that removes unwanted low-frequency energy when engaged, the company says. Up to six control boxes can be mounted in 1RU. Astatic Commercial Audio Products. 800-421-3161.

New at InfoComm '09

Technomad made a series of upgrades to its PowerChiton weatherproof power amp modules. New IP and RF networking options use FM audio distribution technology, suitable for facilitywide distribution and requiring only local AC power to operate. Ethernet capabilities support wide-area distribution over a campus or facility LAN, with options for zone control. Twisted-pair networking can be used for long-distance distribution over copper with minimal signal loss or noise, the company says. Technomad also added two standard inputs to all three power levels: a broadcast-quality balanced line input and musical output; and an input for local audio. Technomad. 800-464-7757.

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