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Everything On The Network

Like it or not, AV and IT increasingly share the same network. For AV pros, that's both a problem and an opportunity.

10. Linux Professional Institute Certification, Level 2 (LPIC 2)



For more information about how AV and IT are converging, check out the following:

  • Loudspeakers Join The Network — Another piece falls into place in the IT integration puzzle, March 2006
  • What's Wrong With Wireless? – Unreasonable expectations, technical hurdles, and security issues have prevented wireless projection from going mainstream. Are we any closer to a solution? May 2005
  • Navigating LANs, MANs, and WANs – How prepared are you to deliver projects across IP and ISDN networks? Connecting multiple endpoints, troubleshooting the installation, and providing on-site logistics are all a part of balancing quality of service and security, February 2005
  • Convergence Complete on Many Campuses – While other market segments are just beginning to struggle with convergence issues, the merger of AV and IT is nearing completion in the higher education market, September 2003
  • Speakeasy – This free website tests your Internet connection's upload and download speeds. Visit
  • Tim Kridel is a freelance writer and analyst who covers telecom and technology. He's based in Kansas City and can be reached at

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