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Cheat Sheets

Quick-reference guides to a variety of AV problems and situations?from sending rich media over IP to hanging a projection screen. Check back monthly for the latest how-to solutions. [PDF documents]


November/December 2009 Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Right 3D Technology

May 2009 Cheat Sheet: Setting Up Control Systems

April 2009 Cheat Sheet: Commissioning AV Systems

March 2009 Cheat Sheet: 35 Ways to Practice Green AV

February 2009 Cheat Sheet: Securing a Wireless Network


December 2008 Cheat Sheet: Working with CobraNet Audio

November 2008 Cheat Sheet: Dealing With Ground Loops

October 2008 Cheat Sheet: Overhead Paging Systems

September 2008 Cheat Sheet: Lighting Controls for AV Pros

August 2008 Cheat Sheet: Dealing with Mechanical Noise

July 2008 Cheat Sheet: Firestopping Cable Installations

June 2008 Cheat Sheet: DVI for Video Distribution

May 2008 Cheat Sheet: Terminating Fiber

April 2008 Cheat Sheet: Cable Installation and Handling

March 2008 Cheat Sheet: Lighting for AV Applications

February 2008 Cheat Sheet: Positioning Microphones

January 2008 Cheat Sheet: Measuring Loss in Fiber Optics


December 2007 Cheat Sheet: Comparing Loudspeaker Specs

November 2007 Cheat Sheet: Preparing AV Drawings

October 2007 Cheat Sheet: Soundproofing a Room

September 2007 Cheat Sheet: Concealing Cables

August 2007 Cheat Sheet: Cleaning Projection Screens

July 2007 Cheat Sheet: Cable Care

June 2007 Cheat Sheet: Vibration and Ceiling Mounted Projectors

May 2007 Cheat Sheet: Designing a Touchpanel

April 2007 Cheat Sheet: Rack Ventilation

March 2007 Cheat Sheet: How to Install Ceiling Loudspeakers

January 2007 Cheat Sheet: How to Extend Projector Lamp Life


December 2006 Cheat Sheet: Using Choir Microphones

November 2006 Cheat Sheet: Troubleshooting Network Cabling

October 2006 Cheat Sheet: Designing a Sound Masking System

September 2006 Cheat Sheet: Hanging a Projection Screen

August 2006 Cheat Sheet: Terminating Cables

July 2006 Cheat Sheet: Frequency Selection

June 2006 Cheat Sheet: Using Scalers and Scan Converters

May 2006 Cheat Sheet: How to Aim Loudspeakers

April 2006 Cheat Sheet: How to Secure an Installed Projector

March 2006 Cheat Sheet: How to Read Construction Documents

February 2006 Cheat Sheet: Dealing with Power Problems

January 2006 Cheat Sheet: How to Conduct a Loudspeaker Demo


December 2005 Cheat Sheet: Hiding Loudspeakers

November 2005 Cheat Sheet: How to Measure Light

July 2005 Cheat Sheet: Optimizing Sightlines in Presentation Spaces

May 2005 Cheat Sheet: Minimizing Feedback in Sound Systems

April 2005 Cheat Sheet: Sending Rich Media Over IP

March 2005 Cheat Sheet: Hanging Projectors

February 2005 Cheat Sheet: Working with Conduit

January 2005 Cheat Sheet: Understanding Latency in Digital Audio Networks

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