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AES 2006 Product Preview

A sampling of products to be featured at the 121st AES Convention, October 6-8, in San Francisco.

Y-split audio cable

The four-pole Y-Split OpticalCon cable from Neutrik incorporates four multimode fibers within two OpticalCon connectors on each end of the cable. Designed for high-bandwidth audio, video, or control signal transmission, the cable is based on a standard optical LC-duplex connection. The cable can be used with an LC connector in permanent connections or with the company's OpticalCon cable connector in mobile applications. It includes a push-pull locking mechanism and an automatically operated sealing cover to protect against dirt and dust. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, see Neutrik at AES booth 1002, or contact the company at 732-901-9488 or at

Sound system output module

Designed for stage and front of house applications, Aviom's AN-16/o Output Module includes DB25 multi-pins for audio connections and locking Neutrik EtherCons for network connections. The AN-16/o has 16 balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs with switchable output levels per channel pair. A built-in A-Net expansion jack enables users to integrate the AN-16/o into an existing Pro16 monitor mixing system, or serves as a path for building 32-channel systems on a single Cat5e cable. Price: N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, see Aviom at AES booth 123, or contact the company at 610-738-9005 or at

Audio amplifiers

Lab.gruppen's eight-channel and four-channel C Series installation amplifiers are targeted for use in houses of worship, performing arts centers, theme parks, and auditoriums. The C 20:8X (8 x 250 W — pictured here), C 10:8X (8 x 125 W), C 10:4X (4 x 250 W), and C 5:4X (4 x 125 W) amplifiers incorporate Class D topology, and offer 70 V, 4 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms power ratings. All models feature the company's Power Factor Correction technology, which stabilizes current draw and accepts main voltages from 90 to 265 VAC (50 Hz or 60 Hz), according to the company. Price: $3,095 (C 20:8X); $2,195 (C 10:8X); $1,795 (C 10:4X); $1,495 (C 5:4X). Availability: N/A (all models). For more information, see Lab.gruppen at AES booth 820, or contact the company at 818-665-4900 or at

Live-sound microphones

Audio-Technica's renovated Artist Series microphones feature all-metal construction, a multi-stage grille design, and gold-plated XLR-type connectors. Designed for vocal reproduction applications, the ATM410 cardioid model has a 90 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response and 300 ohms impedance. Targeted for extended-range lead and backup vocal production, the ATM610 hypercardioid model incorporates dual-wall floating construction to reduce handling noise, a 40 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response, and 300 ohms impedance. The ATM710 cardioid condenser model, which includes a switchable 10 dB pad and an 80 Hz high-pass filter, has a 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, 200 ohms impedance, and a 73 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa signal-to-noise ratio. Price: $169 (ATM410); $249 (ATM610); $299 (ATM710). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, see Audio-Technica at AES booth 210, or contact the company at 330-686-2600 or at

Digital microphones

Neumann's modular KM 183 D, KM 184 D, and KM 185 D miniature digital microphones combine omnidirectional, cardioid, and supercardioid capsules with the KM D output stage to provide three directional characteristics. The microphones incorporate the company's A-to-D converter and support standard sampling frequencies from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. The microphones' integrated DSP functions, including gain, compressor/limiter with de-esser, and peak limiter, can be remotely controlled via the company's DMI-2 digital microphone interface and RCS remote control software. Price: starts at $2,999 (all KM D microphone sets); $3,495 (KM 184 D complete sets). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, see Neumann at AES booth 402, or contact the company at or at 860-434-5220.

Digital KVM extenders

Gefen's digital KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) extenders are designed to extend high-definition digital displays and peripherals up to 200 feet from a computer. The CAT5-5500 HD extends two DVI displays and four USB devices. The CAT5-7500 HD extends two DVI displays, four USB devices, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, RS232 serial communications systems, and two audio devices plus one microphone port. The CAT5-9500 HD extends one DVI display, four USB devices, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, RS232 serial communication systems, and two audio devices. Each product operates through a rack-mountable sender/receiver system connected with Cat5 cables, and supports HD resolutions up to 1080p. Price: $1,399 (CAT5-5500 HD); $1,595 (CAT5-7500 HD); $1,295 (CAT5-9500 HD). Availability: currently available (all models). For more information, see Gefen at AES booth 1108, or contact the company at 800-545-6900 or at

Condenser microphone

The Shure hardwired KSM9 condenser microphone switches between cardioid and supercardioid patterns via a two-position switch. The KSM9 handles frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz, with -51 dBv/Pa sensitivity and 153 dB maximum SPL. Targeted for use in live performance applications, the microphone features a dual-diaphragm design and two-stage shock mount. Price: $850. Availability: currently available. For more information, see Shure at AES booth 302, or contact the company at 847-600-2000 or at

DSP processors

The DME-ES Satellite Series DSP processors from Yamaha feature EtherSound and CobraNet capabilities. The DME8i-ES offers eight analog inputs; the DME8o-ES has eight analog outputs; and the DME4io-ES includes four analog inputs and four analog outputs. Each processor is housed in a low-profile, single rack space unit, and incorporates the company's DME Designer Software for programming, monitoring, and control. The processors include EtherSound, USB, and RS422 connections, an 8-inch, four-output GPI port, and dual EtherSound ports. Price: N/A. Availability: Q1 2007. For more information, see Yamaha at AES booth 102, or contact the company at 714-522-9011 or at

Line source array module

Designed for use in permanent sound reinforcement installations in churches, auditoriums, and arenas, as well as portable PA applications, the RLA/4 full-range, bi-amped line source array from SLS Loudspeakers offers 90-degree symmetrical horizontal coverage and the company's LASS component placement prediction software. Its high-frequency section consists of a direct radiating Planar PRD500 ribbon high-frequency line source array. The module's low-frequency section includes two 6.5-inch drivers that feature a demodulated ring magnet system, which reduces harmonic distortion and inductance modulation, according to the company. Price N/A. Availability: currently available. For more information, see SLS Loudspeakers at AES booth 942, or contact the company at 417-883-4549 or at

Acoustical signal analyzer

NTI's AL1 Acoustilyzer analyzes acoustical signals and displays the signal on an LCD screen. Measurement functions include sound pressure level and time-averaged sound pressure level, reverberation time with 1/1 octave band resolution, real-time zoom FFT, polarity measurement of speakers and line signals, delay time measurements between speakers, level and distortion, speech intelligibility, and calibration of the connected measurement microphone. The AL1 has XLR and RCA inputs, a 3.5 mm jack monitor output, and internal microphone. Price: N/A. Availability: N/A. For more information, see NTI at AES booth 836, or contact the company at 503-684-7050 or at

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