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Nov./Dec. 2009 New Products: Audio

By PRO AV Staff



The new Lectrosonics SMV Series transmitters are part of the company's Super Miniature product line. The SMV features selectable 50-megawatt and 100-megawatt settings, while the SMQV offers selections for 50, 100, and 250 megawatts. Both transmitters come with water-resistant, machined-aluminum housings, a variable high-pass filter, and the company's Digital Hybrid Wireless technology, which encodes 24-bit digital audio information with no compression and low distortion into an analog format that can be transmitted over analog FM. The transmitters are available in nine frequency blocks covering 470 to 691 MHz and offer a frequency response of 32 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1 dB). Prices: SMV, $1,725; SMQV, $1,832. Lectrosonics. 800-821-1121.



The Sherwood R-904N NetBoxx is a compact, 7.1-channel receiver capable of playing back physical disc media as well as Internet/streaming media without a PC. The system supports HDMI 1.3, Dolby Volume, Dolby TruHD, and DTS-HD Master audio formats, and provides seven channels of 100W digital amplification. The R-904N Netboxx uses VuNow technology from Verismo Networks to allows users with a broadband connection to access the Internet directly via the receiver's remote control. The receiver provides direct access to YouTube and CinemaNow. Content from Hulu, Netflix, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and Amazon Video ON Demand is available via MediaMall Technologies' PlayOn media server. Video playback is supported up to 720p/60 resolution. Prices: R-904N NetBoxx, $650; Required PlayOn license, $40. 800-962-3203.



JBL Professional's new MSC1 Monitor System Controller is a tool designed to help installers integrate monitor system control and tunability. The MSC1 can monitor up to three two-channel input sources, such as a mixing console, computer workstation, and personal music player, while controlling the volume of the monitor system and headphones, says the company. It also allows the connection of two sets of loudspeakers plus a subwoofer. Control Center Software provides access to user-adjustable settings, including speaker stabilization and subwoofer crossover frequency. Available with JBL's RMC Room Mode Correction Technology, the MSC1 overcomes acoustic issues in a room by tuning the monitor system to compensate for low-frequency problems that could occur. Price: $375. JBL Professional. 818-894-8850.



The latest subcompact amplifiers from Stewart Audio are the AV25 and CVA series. The quarter-rack-size AV24 is a two-channel, class D power amplifier designed to drive 4- and 8-ohm loads at 35W and 25W per channel, respectively. LEDs on the rear panel indicate power, signal presence, and clipping, while recessed gain controls prevent accidental changes in output level. The CVA Series includes the CVA-25 and CVA-50 power amps. Both are mono, class D, quarter-rack amps designed to drive 25V and 70V distributed systems, outputting 25W and 50W, respectively. Both series are plenum rated for installation above the ceiling or in other air spaces, says the company. Prices: AV25, $259; CVA-25, $289; CVA-50, $359. 209-588-8111.



Sennheiser's new WiCOS wireless conference system automatically switches frequencies in order to avoid interference, says the company. An automatic dynamic frequency management system uses two frequency ranges–2.4 GHz and 5 GHz–to transmit wireless signals so that WiCOS can switch the range if interference is detected on the other frequency. WiCOS operates for at least 20 straight hours, according to the company, and integrates up to 16 translation channels. The system can be used with a computer, and has removable microphones for portable applications. WiCOS includes a wireless access point for controlling communication between delegate and chairman units, and works with Sennheiser's SDC 8200 conference and interpretation system. Prices: WiCOS access point and power supply, $6,930; mics and accessories sold separately, $65 to $2,690. 860-434-9190.



RDL's new EZ Series includes a variety of amplifiers and preamplifiers. Among them are the EZ-PA20 and EZ-MXA20 20W stereo audio amplifiers. The EZ-PA20 is a power amplifier with one line input and front-panel volume control. The EZ-MXA20 mixer amplifier has a built-in equalizer and includes one microphone input, two line inputs, and bass and treble tone controls. Both amps have an output that drives 4- or 8-ohm loudspeakers and a compressor/limiter that the company says allows a higher sound output level without clipping. Prices: EZ-PA20, $149; EZ-MXA20, $238. 800-281-2683.

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