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QSC Debuts Line Array and Sub

In separate announcements, QSC introduced its new ILA (Installation Line Array) v2 System as well as the AD-S28Tw AcousticDesign Series subwoofer.

In separate announcements, QSC introduced its new ILA (Installation Line Array) v2 System as well as the AD-S28Tw AcousticDesign Series subwoofer.

The ILA v2 comes as a turnkey package that includes dedicated full-range and subwoofer loudspeaker components, processing, amplification, and suspension accessories. The line arrays are well-suited for nightclubs, ballrooms, performing arts facilities, houses of worship, or any other performance venue.

"Most line array systems today are manufactured for the touring sound market, which means that overall, system costs lie well beyond the means of many facilities that could gain direct benefits from the technology," said QSC vice president of marketing Gerry Tschetter, in a statement. "By focusing on fixed installation needs with a molded enclosure and simplified rigging scheme, QSC has driven costs down while retaining the sound quality, coverage, and acoustic output of touring line array systems."

Company officials said that with ILA v2's SC28 system controller, it isn't necessary to have an expert use sophisticated acoustical measurement equipment for setup. The ILA v2 employs QSC's proprietary Intrinsic Correction circuitry, which compensates for inherent transducer, waveguide magnitude, and time-based anomalies, according to the company, for a performance with excellent power response, and natural sound.

At the other end of the spectrum, the new AD-S28Tw subwoofer has a continuous power handling capacity of 250 watts and can manage up to 700-watt peaks. It also has a 70/100-volt multi-tap transformer with 8-ohm bypass, frequency response of 42 Hz to 165 Hz, and sensitivity of 94 dB.

A pair of 8-inch woofers outfitted with polypropylene cones drives the AD-S28Tw's performance. The loudspeaker's bandpass enclosure incorporates a pair of chambers: one that is completely sealed and one with a large port. An onboard low-pass filter set at 120 Hz provides added precision to low-frequency extension down to 36 Hz.

The enclosure is made from marine-grade plywood construction, a zinc-plated steel grille with a black foam backing, molded ABS endcaps, and a rotatable logo, and has been fitted with a recessed rear input panel covered by a hinged door. Nickel-plated input and output terminals found on the subwoofer accept wiring ranging from 18 AWG to 12 AWG. One switch selects between the 70/100-volt transformer taps, while another enables or disables the passive low-pass filter.

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