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Treating the Crowden Music Center with Meyer Sound Constellation System, Part 1

Feb 7, 2013 2:06 PM, With Bennett Liles

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Part 1

Editor’s note: For your convenience, this transcription of the podcast includes timestamps. If you are listening to the podcast and reading its accompanying transcription, you can use the timestamps to jump to any part of the audio podcast by simply dragging the slider on the podcast to the time indicated in the transcription.

The Crowden Music Center needed a performance space that could sound right for just about any type of music, and when they decided on a Meyer Sound Constellation system, Meyer called in AV integration company BugID for the job. Matt Lavine and Paul Lomolino are ready to tell us about the project, coming up next on the SVC Podcast.

SVC: Matt and Paul, thanks for taking time to be with us here on the SVC Podcast from San Francisco and the AV integration company called Bug ID. I think that’s the way you say it. That’s a very interesting name. Matt, how did you come up with that name, Bug ID? Is that the way you pronounce it?

Matt: That’s correct. It’s bug eyed. We get bug-eyed trying to figure out these systems that we design and build. That’s kind of how the name came about. It’s not the most corporate name, but it’s a name that sticks. [Timestamp: 1:13]

Yeah, it really does. And once you’ve heard that one it’s kind of hard to forget. So tell me a little about Bug ID. What do you guys do there? What kind of projects do you take on?
Matt: Well, we’re a design/build system integrator, so we take on projects in screening rooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, boardrooms, editorial and sound studios, so all commercial projects. We really specialize in doing a lot of sound studios and screening rooms. I would say that’s where we shine. And then we got into corporate AV because a lot of our broadcast clients were needing conference rooms and boardrooms, so we kind of picked that niche up and we’ve been keeping really busy doing that as well. [Timestamp:1:52]

Now tell me about this project here. This was the Crowden Music Center. What’s the official name of the performance space that you took on?

Matt: The Crowden Music School, and then it’s the Jacqueline and Peter Hoefer Auditorium. I hope I pronounced that last name correctly. [Timestamp: 2:07]

And it’s not a huge space, but from the picture I saw, it appears to have a very high ceiling in there, and it looks like a hard floor—so some challenges there—but you guys went in and went to work on it. What sort of performances do they have in there? It looks like the space is pretty wide open so they can have just about anything.

Matt: Well, it’s a music school, so they have a lot of different musical performances. It could be solo shows or full orchestra. The Oakland Symphony Orchestra actually rehearses there from time to time as well. So there’s a stage and then they also have added more to the stage as well, and that can come and go depending on the type of performance. [Timestamp: 2:45]

Yeah, it looks like a very versatile place. So you would have to be ready for just about anything. So what did the Crowden Music Center want to accomplish with this project when they called you in? What did they want you to do?

Matt: Well, we worked closely with Meyer Sound, who was the equipment supplier and designer for the project. And instead of gutting the whole auditorium and putting in all brand-new acoustics—it was an old building. It was trying to work with the existing structure, put in some acoustic treatments in there, but creating a new system for rehearsals and performance done by speakers and microphones. [Timestamp: 3:23]

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