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Sennheiser Introduces Mobile Transmitter for Guideport

Feb 20, 2007 11:55 AM

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Sennheiser, a leader in professional and consumer wireless audio, has added Mobile Transmitter to its celebrated Guideport wireless, multi-lingual visitor information system for exhibitions, museums, theme parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and historic sites. The belt-worn Mobile Transmitter and headset gives tour guides or docents speaking to a group with preassigned Guideport receivers and headphones the flexibility to mix their live guided tour with prerecorded audio at the press of a button.

The unique Mobile Transmitter Guideport wireless system monitors the location of the tour group so that when the guide switches to prerecorded audio, visitors hear content that is context-appropriate—it matches the exhibit to which the tour guide has directed them. This frees the guide from the distracting and easily bungled task of triggering the appropriate audio clips. Moreover, the prerecorded audio is language/content appropriate—each visitor listens to it in his or her preferred language and at his or her own level of expertise (e.g. child, adult, or expert). This does away with the "one size fits all" approach that is guaranteed to leave a significant fraction of visitors dissatisfied.

When the tour has finished, the guide can release the group to explore on their own. Their Guideport receivers allow them to experience other areas or to return to previously visited tour areas. Guideport continues to deliver context- and content-appropriate audio. In fact, it is the same customized experience given to visitors who opt not to take the tour or who visit when the tour is not being offered.

Behind the scenes, Guideport is easy for managers to set up and maintain. The system works because pre-recorded audio clips are stored and transmitted continuously by strategically located base transmitters throughout the various zones of the facility. As a visitor enters a zone, an identifier device prompts the receiver to download and store internally all appropriate audio clips for the exhibits in this zone. When the visitor approaches an exhibit, the associated identifier triggers the receiver to play back the corresponding audio clip.

All the manager has to do is create the necessary audio, position the transmitters, and use Sennheiser's intuitive, user-friendly software and uploading procedure to synchronize the clips with their locations. Depending on the sophistication of the Guideport installation, managers may transmit facility-wide announcements, address specific visitor groups or specific zones, or transmit messages to any combination of specific groups in specific zones. Announcements may provide safety information, special events and promotional messages. Pre-recorded messages could be programmed to play at pre-determined times or upon command.

"No other system on the market has the flexibility of our Sennheiser Guideport technology," comments Dennis Zembower, product manager for Guideport. "Mobile Transmitter gives tour guides and docents the unprecedented ability to combine interactive, realtime tours with precise audio clips that are tailored to each visitor's language and background knowledge. The value added to a tour and the depth of appreciation that Guideport makes possible will guarantee visitors have an enriching, engaging experience that's worth telling their friends about."

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