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Revolabs Solo Wireless Microphone Systems

Mar 23, 2006 8:00 AM

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Revolabs announced the launch of its Solo suite of products, a secure wireless microphone system for professional conferencing and audio solutions, at the 2006 NSCA Expo. The Solo Executive and Solo Desktop System combine optimized voice audio quality and an innovative wireless form factor for conferencing, distance learning, and other professional collaborative applications.

Unlike traditional tabletop conference microphones, the Solo system moves the microphone off the table and closer to the source to dramatically reduce extraneous ambient noises that can lower productivity in meetings. Solo also incorporates full duplex, wideband audio capability, which enables participants to move freely and naturally while in a meeting, even leaving the room and remaining engaged in the call. By easily connecting to traditional conference equipment (both video and audio), the Solo system seamlessly and securely enhances the audio of any conference call.

“Executives at corporations both large and small have long been concerned about the audio component of high-end conferencing systems,” says Martin Bodley, president and CEO of Revolabs. “Our suite of Solo products provide a breakthrough in conference audio performance and we invite systems integrators, technical consultants and business executives to hear the difference for themselves.”

The Solo Executive System can be configured with up to 24 wireless microphones in a single room, bringing tremendous productivity improvements to large meetings. The Solo Desktop system provides the same performance benefits, compact size, and security to individual professionals in their own offices for VOIP and IP telephony applications.

Solo wireless microphones have eight hours of continuous talk time and rapid recharge capability. Both the Executive and Desktop systems offer single channel audio for each microphone enabling the ability to control, capture, process and transcribe high-fidelity audio from each meeting participant.

Each Solo microphone, which measure .9”x.8”x2.6”, is clipped to an executive’s lapel allowing for a more natural posture, as well as increased mobility. Additional features include:

  • Range of 30m.
  • 128-bit proprietary encryption
  • Audio bandwidth of 100Hz-8,000Hz
  • 1.5 hours charge time for up to nine hours of talk time
  • Two hours charge time

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