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Technology Showcase: Powered Mixers

Sep 2, 2009 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

Flexible all-in-one mixers are ready to tour.

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For those who prefer a powered mixer in a carry-around, rack-style enclosure, the Kustom KPM 8420 offers a basic flexibility feature in its dual 200W assignable amplifiers. With this, 200W can be sent to the main loudspeakers and the second 200W can go to the monitors, or the unit's entire 400W of power can be sent to either. Eight input channels with combination XLR-1/4in. connectors allow both mic and line-level sources to be used along with instrument preamps on two of the channels, eliminating the need for external direct boxes. Each channel also features 3-band EQ, separate main and monitor sends, and separate effects 1 and effects 2 sends. There is also a pad switch on each input channel providing 12dB attenuation. Channels 7 and 8 have a button for switching the 1/4in. input connector between line and instrument preamp functions. Dual effects processors, each of which can be sent to main and monitor outs, provide a choice between preset effects. Two 7-band graphic EQ sections allow output sound shaping and offer a feedback notch filter.

Mackie PPM1012

Mackie PPM1012

The Mackie PPM1012 has twin internal power amps generating 800W peak power each into 4Ω with three selectable amplifier modes: stereo main, mono main and monitor 1, and monitor 1 and 2. The unit provides 12 input channels with eight mono and two stereo. The mono channels have both mic and line inputs along with TRS insert patch points. The PPM1012 also has two monitor outs, two effects sends, left and right main outputs, and a mono output with the same XLR and 1/4in. connectors as the left and right main outs. The rear panel has stereo tape in and out on RCA connectors, a headphone output with level control, a footswitch connector for muting/unmuting effects sends, and a 12V lamp connection on a BNC. Input channels 7 and 8 can be switched to allow direct instrument connection with internal preamps. The mixer's phantom power is globally controlled by one switch.

Nady Systems PMX-1600

Nady Systems PMX-1600

The PMX-1600 from Nady Systems puts 225W RMS per channel into a 4Ω load and the amp circuits include fan cooling, short-circuit protection, current limiting, loudspeaker DC protection, clip indicators, and a loudspeaker protection on/off delay to prevent loud thumps. The board offers left and right main-mix-out master faders with two group masters that are routable to the main mix output. All faders are 60mm, and there is a built-in 32-bit DSP that emulates plate, gate, room, hall, stadium reverbs, and delays. Each channel has an XLR input, a 1/4in. line input, and an insert patch connection along with a level trim control, 3-band EQ with mid-frequency adjustment, aux 1 and aux 2 sends, a stereo pan control, and left and right group 1 or 2 assignment buttons. The output section has dual 7-band graphic EQ, a global phantom power switch, headphone and tape level controls, and an LED output level meter.

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