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Technology Showcase: Powered Mixers

Sep 2, 2009 12:00 PM, By Bennett Liles

Flexible all-in-one mixers are ready to tour.

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Behringer Europower PMP5000

Behringer Europower PMP5000

The Behringer Europower PMP5000 delivers 1200W in bridged mode with 20 input channels, a Dual Multi-FX processor, and FBQ feedback detection system. In stereo mode, the amplifiers provide 600W per channel to the loudspeaker outputs. The mixer has 12 mono mic/line inputs and four stereo input channels with separate tape returns. The two effects processors offer 100 presets with combinations of reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, and pitch shifter. Each mono input includes 3-band EQ, a switchable low-cut filter, and clip LED indicators. The 7-band graphic EQ can be switched to control either the main outputs or the monitor outs, and the amplifier output can be switched between stereo, dual mono, and bridged mono modes. There is also a standby switch that mutes all mic inputs while allowing the adjustable level CD/tape input to connect to the amplifier outputs. For external power amplifiers, the unit has multifunctional stereo preamp outputs.

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For those who prefer the road case form factor, the RX800 from Carvin has four internal amplifiers. Two of these deliver 300W RMS per channel directly into main loudspeakers while the other two provide the same power level into two monitors at 4Ω using both Twist-Lok and 1/4in. connectors. Each amplifier has peak and protect LED indicators. Two independent 24-bit stereo DSP effects sections allow the user to separately program effects for each channel, and the effects are assignable to the stage monitors. Any of the 256 effects can be used with factors such as reverb, chorus, flanging, and echo with parameters including depth, decay, damping, speed, regeneration, and time. Each channel offers 3-band active EQ with low-frequency control beginning at 20Hz and going up to 80Hz and shelving controls at each end of the spectrum. For output EQ, there are four separate 7-band graphic equalizers. Distortion-free opto-isolators provide limiting and protect the amplifiers against input overload.

Dynacord PowerMate 2200

Dynacord PowerMate 2200

The Dynacord PowerMate 2200 features dustproof Alps faders, phantom power switchable to the inputs in groups of six, and aux 3 and aux 4 buses that are individually switchable between pre- and postfader. Each output channel has a Class H power amplifier that puts 700W into a 4Ω load with protection including short circuit, overheating, DC voltage, and HF/back EMF along with dynamic limiters. Dual digital effects processors provide 99 foot-switchable presets, and the unit may be used with the internal power amps or as a standalone mixer with external power amps. Input gain controls have a range of 60dB, and each channel has 3-band EQ with semiparametric mids, PFL, and mute buttons. There are four stereo input channels, and the outputs have 7-band graphic EQ and feedback filters. Protection includes a momentary delay in the loudspeaker output as the board is powered up to enable the amplifiers to stabilize and avoid loud transients in the loudspeaker system.

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