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What's New: Audio Technology 

Wireless Transmitter Lectrosonics The SM splash-proof wireless audio transmitter encodes a 24-bit digital audio signal into a robust analog format for transmission over a UHF FM carrier. The transmitter is compander-free and delivers 107dB SNR and flat frequency response to 20kHz. A single AA battery provides 100mW of transmitting power for more than four hours of operation ...

Technology Showcase: The Heads-Up on Head-Worn Mics 

By Bennett Liles

Only a few years ago, friends and associates of country music singer Garth Brooks were kidding him about looking like some kind of cowboy air traffic...

What's New: Audio 

Acoustics FirstFlat-panel Device This new absorptive and sound-scattering panel is similar in style to a standard fabric-covered wall panel. The substrates...

Audio-Technica Debuts AT892 Microset Headworn Mic 

Technology Showcase: Room Combining 

By Daniel Keller

The ancient proverb tells us change is inevitable. And adapting to change is key to survival. The ability to change and adapt to new conditions is an...

What's New: Audio Technology 

Audio Mixer Crest Performance The 16-channel CPM 2462 mixer features low-noise I-PRO XLR mic inputs for studio or live audio...

ClearOne Communications RAV 600/900 

By John McJunkin

Business requires sophisticated communication, and virtually every kind of communication technology has been adapted and enhanced to accommodate the business...

Sennheiser displays Evolution mic at NAMM 

Sennheiser is introducing the Evolution e840 professional cardioid vocal microphone at Winter NAMM 2004....

Shure SLX Wireless Microphone Systems 

By John McJunkin

Shure has introduced a new line of SLX wireless systems, which offer solutions for a number of uses, including handheld, head-worn or lavalier mics as...

What's New: Audio Technology 

Wireless Mic System Gem Sound The PLL-32 is a 32-channel wireless mic system featuring a built-in LCD and controls on the mic transmitter....

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