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Inter-M's IMS-9000 Conference System Provides Seamless Performance 

Inter-M's new IMS-9000 conference system is a complete, plug-and-play package bringing new levels of flexible performance and natural-sounding speech to corporate meetings, seminars, municipal hearings, and virtually any other application where group communications take place. Ideally suited for boardrooms, hotels, and convention centers, the system is perfect for either permanent or rental installations. Comprising an expandable base of delegate microphone units, each equipped with its own latching talk switch and active indicator, the IMS-9000 conference system is managed by a master control unit with a capacity for overseeing the operation of up to 48 microphones. Given overall system priority, the system's chairman mic can be used to turn off all delegate microphones. ...

Technology Showcase: Wireless Mics 

By Gary Eskow

It's easy to understand why wireless microphones are so popular. Why would you want to be tethered by wires when you could fly free, showing off your flow charts in all directions or belting out a song-and-dance number without wondering if you'll accidentally choke yourself?...

NSCA 2005 Wrapup 

By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer

Sprinkler system malfunction and misdirected emergency evacuation announcement notwithstanding, the 2005 NSCA Systems Integration Expo in Orlando, Fla., can be classified as a success. With 11,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors, there was plenty to see and do. There were three technology pavilions this year ...

What's New: Audio Technology 

Loudspeaker d&b audiotechnik Qi-Series loudspeakers and specialized accessories are optimized for fixed-installation use, with finishes that can be color-matched to interior designs. The series includes five loudspeakers. ...

What's New: Audio Technology 

Wireless Transmitter Lectrosonics The SM splash-proof wireless audio transmitter encodes a 24-bit digital audio signal into a robust analog format for transmission over a UHF FM carrier. The transmitter is compander-free and delivers 107dB SNR and flat frequency response to 20kHz. A single AA battery provides 100mW of transmitting power for more than four hours of operation ...

Technology Showcase: The Heads-Up on Head-Worn Mics 

By Bennett Liles

Only a few years ago, friends and associates of country music singer Garth Brooks were kidding him about looking like some kind of cowboy air traffic...

What's New: Audio 

Acoustics FirstFlat-panel Device This new absorptive and sound-scattering panel is similar in style to a standard fabric-covered wall panel. The substrates...

Audio-Technica Debuts AT892 Microset Headworn Mic 

What's New: Audio Technology 

Audio Mixer Crest Performance The 16-channel CPM 2462 mixer features low-noise I-PRO XLR mic inputs for studio or live audio...

ClearOne Communications RAV 600/900 

By John McJunkin

Business requires sophisticated communication, and virtually every kind of communication technology has been adapted and enhanced to accommodate the business...

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