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What's New:
Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey

Wharfedale Professional's EVP-XP series loudspeakers, the powered version of the new EVP-X series, offer increased power handling and improved features over the earlier EVP-P series. The powered loudspeaker features a new elliptical waveguide horn and Wharfedale's 44mm titanium compression driver for superior HF reproduction. The power amplifier sections of the EVP-XP use Class A/B topology and integrate seamlessly to give optimal performance across the range...

ClearOne Introduces VoIP Tabletop Conference Phones 

ClearOne Communications, the developer of the MaxAttach wired and MaxAttach wireless conference phones, introduced the latest addition to its tabletop conferencing product line, the new MaxAttach IP and Max IP VoIP tabletop conference phones. These products represent ClearOne's entry into the rapidly growing VoIP telephony market space and are based on the industry-standard SIP signaling protocol....

Audio-Technica UniPoint Line 

By John McJunkin

When it comes to computer software, we have come to expect occasional updates. Version 1 is great, then version 2 comes out with enhancements and new features. But with hardware, this type of update is not automatic. Sometimes a manufacturer...

Audio-Technica Expands AT892 MicroSet  

In response to numerous requests from top production professionals, Audio-Technica is pleased to announce the availability of its AT892 MicroSet subminiature omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone in a new cocoa color. Designed to provide even greater versatility in situations where the microphone needs to blend in seamlessly and unobtrusively, the new AT892c-CO adds a complementary mid-tone option to the AT892’s currently available colors of classic black (AT892c) and theater beige (AT892c-TH)....

What's New: Audio Technology  

By Laura Dixon

The MXL 604 dual capsule instrument miking system consists of a pressure gradient microphone with an interchangeable omnidirectional capsule and a cardioid condenser. It features...

Top Technology Products of 2005  

By Jack Kontney

What's the next big thing? New products are brought to market at an ever-increasing pace. We see them at trade shows; we see them advertised. And, as your caretakers of industry news...

ClearOne Introduces Converge 560/590 Audio Conferencing Systems 

ClearOne Communications introduced the Converge 560 and 590 conferencing systems. With these additions, ClearOne now offers the widest range of professional audioconferencing solutions in the industry....

Audix Expands Micros Series With Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber MicroBoom 

AES 2005 

By George Petersen

The 119th convention of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in New York was a turning point in many ways, particularly for those of us who work in live sound. For years, the number of sound...

Audix Introduces Slim-line Headset  

Audix’s HT-5 is an omnidirectional headset microphone designed for fidelity, functionality, and durability. The versatility of the HT-5 allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications including: theatre, presentations, houses of worship, boardrooms, live music vocals, broadcast, and instruments. The omnidirectional headset maintains high speech intelligibility without sounding hollow or harsh, while the low-profile design focuses the attention of the listener on the speaker, not the microphone. ...

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