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What's New: Audio Technology  

By Laura Dixon

The MXL 604 dual capsule instrument miking system consists of a pressure gradient microphone with an interchangeable omnidirectional capsule and a cardioid condenser. It features...

ClearOne Introduces Converge 560/590 Audio Conferencing Systems 

ClearOne Communications introduced the Converge 560 and 590 conferencing systems. With these additions, ClearOne now offers the widest range of professional audioconferencing solutions in the industry....

Audix Expands Micros Series With Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber MicroBoom 

AES 2005 

By George Petersen

The 119th convention of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in New York was a turning point in many ways, particularly for those of us who work in live sound. For years, the number of sound...

Audix Introduces Slim-line Headset  

Audix’s HT-5 is an omnidirectional headset microphone designed for fidelity, functionality, and durability. The versatility of the HT-5 allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications including: theatre, presentations, houses of worship, boardrooms, live music vocals, broadcast, and instruments. The omnidirectional headset maintains high speech intelligibility without sounding hollow or harsh, while the low-profile design focuses the attention of the listener on the speaker, not the microphone. ...

What's New:
Audio Technology

The System Devices PM10-3 multi-zone stations are compatible with industry-standard microphones including dynamic, condenser, and electret styles, and use low-cost UTP Cat-5e structured cabling. Intuitive push-button access with label identification allows users...

What's New:
Audio Technology

MXL's Mac-based iBooster interface is designed to raise any low-level input signal, such as microphones and electric guitar, to interface with the audio input level of a Mac. It also simplifies adding dialogue to a presentation, creating podcasts, or recording a musical performance...

Technology Showcase:
Microphone Preamps

By Bennett Liles

In modern parlance, the terms and have, for practical purposes, become inextricably linked. In every field, maximum effort is being made to stretch available resources for maximum effect, and nowhere is this trend more evident than in the world of low-cost mic preamps...

InfoComm Redux  

By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer

When I think of InfoComm, a snippet of an old Doobie Brothers song comes to mind: "It keeps you runnin'…" This is a big show, with much territory to cover. While not as large as NAB or CES, InfoComm has steadily grown to a size that only a limited number...

Media Vision USA Introduces Enhancements to Close-Talk Infrared Conference System 

Media Vision USA has announced a new version of its Close-Talk wireless conference and voting system. The new Close-Talk IR conferencing system is equipped with an expandable telescopic microphone that can stretch from 12in. to 20in. The microphone pre-amplifier is new as well, as is the circuit board in the delegate station—features that improve the sound quality of the system. The new central unit has an additional four-XLR connectivity for line in/out, as well as a tele input and output. The connectivity from the central unit to infrared transceivers has changed to standard RJ-45 sockets, making the termination much easier for contractors installing the system....

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