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Sennheiser Introduces the Evolution 602 II 

Sennheiser is introducing the e 602 II cardioid-dynamic microphone —successor to the popular e 602—to its exciting lineup of evolution series microphones. The ...

Shure Introduces Wired KSM9 Condenser Microphone 

Drawing upon the technological developments advanced within Shure's KSM line of microphones, the new hardwired KSM9 condenser mic...

What's New: Audio Technology 

By Laura Dixon

Martin Audio unveiled a new range of LE monitors: the LE1200, LE1500, and LE2100. The LE2100 three-way stage monitor offers very high power for use in large-stage...

NSCA 2006 Recap 

As the systems contractors’ show, NSCA certainly showcases plenty in the way of audio and video gear, but there’s also a ton of supporting technology that doesn’t offer the immediate flash of a loudspeaker or a 60in. plasma...

Technology Showcase:
Videoconferencing Room Systems

By Jay Ankeney

The concept of the videoconference is as old as telephony itself. Many early sci-fi films depicted the technology before it became a practical reality....

Revolabs Solo Wireless Microphone Systems 

Revolabs announced the launch of its Solo suite of products, a secure wireless microphone system for professional conferencing and audio solutions, at the 2006 NSCA Expo. The Solo Executive and Solo Desktop System combine optimized voice audio quality and an innovative wireless form factor for conferencing, distance learning, and other professional collaborative applications....

Harry Joseph and Associates Hushbutton  

A microphone looks the same whether it’s on or off, a worrisome thing to users gathered around a conference table and who need to be absolutely sure the other end of an audio conference or videoconference doesn’t hear their side comments. And a user wanting to mute his/her mic for whatever reason—a side consultation, a cell phone call, a sneeze—has until now been out of luck. Harry Joseph and Associates ride to the rescue with Hushbutton, a lighted switch that fits around a table microphone, leaving no doubt as to the state of the mic. ...

What's New:
Audio Technology

This line array system features ribbon drivers, neodymium magnets, and patented UniVent technology. Rigging options include ground stacking, traditional flying, pole mounting, and a crankable tower lifter co-designed with Vermette that elevates six top boxes 13ft.., then folds down for easy transport. Top boxes are adjustable in 2.5-degree increments from 0 to 15 degrees. Series includes Versarray 112 top box, 118 sub, and 218 sub. This 2RU DSP audio system, based on Digitool, features a 1/4-VGA LCD front-panel display; 12 low-noise mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power; 12 outputs with switchable...

Favorite Tech Tools 

By Bennett Liles

The Neanderthal man had his fire and flints. From there, a series of simple gadgets from the wheel to the wireless remote have changed our lives by making things possible or getting things done much more quickly and easily. After each of these advances, it has become difficult for us to imagine how we got along without. In the AV age, there has evolved a group of gadgets enabling “AV Installer...

What's New:
Audio Technology

By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey

Wharfedale Professional's EVP-XP series loudspeakers, the powered version of the new EVP-X series, offer increased power handling and improved features over the earlier EVP-P series. The powered loudspeaker features a new elliptical waveguide horn and Wharfedale's 44mm titanium compression driver for superior HF reproduction. The power amplifier sections of the EVP-XP use Class A/B topology and integrate seamlessly to give optimal performance across the range...

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