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Technology Showcase: Wireless-microphone Systems 

By Bennett Liles

The comment that wireless-microphone users were operating a radio station used to be fairly comical and quaint, but now that many wireless systems include...

Astatic GN15VPD 

By John McJunkin

There is no shortage of gooseneck microphones available for use in installed applications, and most of the offerings out there are good products with...

What's New: Audio Technology 

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

The compact EAW NTL720 self-powered line-array loudspeaker system features a three-way design and numerous other EAW-patented and proprietary technologies. The entire enclosure face of each NTL720 module is filled by a full-sized mid/high horn providing 110°×12° dispersion...

What's New: Video Technology 

By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin

Runco International has announced its largest plasma display to date, the 103in. CinemaWall XP-103DHD flatpanel. This 1080p display includes...

Anchor Audio Acclaim Portable Lectern Sound System 

According to Anchor Audio, its Acclaim lectern sound system is portable and versatile to meet customer needs, with a lectern base that does double duty as a portable transport case with tilt-n-roll casters for easy movement...

Electro-Voice RE-2 wireless-microphone system 

The Electro-Voice RE-2 wireless-mic system features a receiver with Digital Posi-Phase Diversity and a tone code plus an amplitude-squelch function...

Samson Technologies AirLine guitar transmitters 

Samson Technologies AirLine plug-in guitar transmitters include the AF1 for Strat-style inputs and the AG1 for traditional Gibson-style end-mount inputs and all others...

Sabine Phantom Mic Rider 

By John McJunkin

In thinking about devices that automate various processes (and therefore theoretically “replace” the people who formerly handled those processes), I always remember the 1958 Disney treatment of the story of Paul Bunyan...

Top Tech of 2007 

By Jack Kontney

2007 marked another banner year in the evolution of the technology that drives the AV industry. As always, new products abounded in the audio and video categories, while digital signage and life-safety systems evolved, along with the software and control systems to handle it all. With the convergence of systems technologies continuing unabated through IP control...

Technology Showcase: Assistive-listening Systems 

By Bennett Liles

As sound systems have grown increasingly sophisticated in their capabilities and control options, installers and operators have also reached a new level of understanding of the importance of room acoustics and the methods of electronic distribution...

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