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Holophone Features H4 SuperMini at AES 2006

Sep 5, 2006 12:10 PM

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The deadline for full HD transmission is fast approaching, leaving many broadcasters looking for a means to bring surround to their programming. Holophone, a leading manufacturer of surround microphones, recognized this need and has developed the world's first discrete 5.1-channel camera-mountable surround microphone—the H4 SuperMini. Based on patented Holophone Surround Audio capture technology popularized by the company's highly successful H2-Pro, the cutting-edge SuperMini comes equipped with an integrated multichannel pre-amplifier, monitor, and encoder. Custom-designed for broadcast, ENG (electronic news gathering), and professional video applications, the SuperMini will be featured at the AES Convention, Oct. 6-8 (Booth #1602).

"The SuperMini instantly turns any stereo camera into a 5.1-channel surround recording device," says Jonathan Godfrey, CEO of Holophone. "Its portable and lightweight design combined with minimal setup time and ability to capture surround sound from multiple points and perspectives within a venue makes the H4 SuperMini ideal for field reporting and on-location shoots."

Offering six microphone elements with a bandwidth of 20Hz-20KHz, a matrix encoded stereo analog output, and six line-level analog outputs that are available at one per channel from three stereo 3.5mm female jacks, the innovative SuperMini delivers surround sound for today's stereo and discrete multichannel infrastructure.

Holophone's SuperMini includes an audio zoom button, which increases the forward bias of the pick-up pattern. In addition, the microphone has a virtual surround headphone output with gain control on the 3.5mm stereo jack for live instantaneous monitoring of the surround field, an auxiliary center channel microphone input (XLR) for attaching an external shotgun or wireless lavalier microphone, and an intuitive tri-colored LED Holophone monitor that indicates sound level and direction. The H4 SuperMINI is priced at $2,495.

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