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The Buzz:
Install of the Month

By Trevor Boyer

When audiovisual gear is to be used primarily by non-AV professionals, especially part-time nonprofessionals, ease of use really pays off. At Lansing...

Installation Profile: OR AV
University Hospital UAB

By Stephen Porter

At the new, 12-story, $275 million University Hospital at the University of Alabama (UAB), there is a host of reasons for visitors to be impressed. ...

Installation Profile:
Delaware's Legislative Hall

By Daniel Keller

As the nation's oldest state, Delaware has always held a somewhat unique status here in the United States. It's not a big place roughly two hours from...

The Buzz:
Install of the Month

By Daniel Keller

Wannado City Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Kids' Stuff Wannado City opened its doors at Fort Lauderdale's Sawgrass Mills Mall in August 2004. The 140,000-square...

Acoustic Enhancement 

By Steve Barbar

For some time now, the use of acoustic enhancement systems has been on the rise, due in part to the improvement in the quality of components used in modern systems and advancements in digital ...

Sound Induction Systems (SIS) uses Sennheiser systems in Welsh installations 

Newtown-based sound specialists Sound Induction Systems (SIS) have just completed two installations, both combining Sennheiser SDC3000 digital conference and Sennheiser IR systems. The first system was for Monitor Facilities Management at Monmouthshire County Council and the second for the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority headquarters in Brecon. SIS first met with Monitor Facilities Management at Monmouthshire County Council when it provided conference system rental for a Welsh National Assembly meeting, held at County Hall, Cwmbran. The council was very impressed with what it saw and heard and employed the services of an independent consultant to assist in the evaluation of conference systems. Council members visited numerous other councils' sites, assessing many other systems, and also arranged a comprehensive demonstration of the SDC3000 system with SIS and Sennheiser's John Willett. "In the end," said Phil Nicholes of SIS, "there were two deciding factors, clarity of sound and simplicity of use." ...

The Buzz: Install of the Month 

For college students, MP3 is no longer just a format for trading music of questionable legal status. On the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts, ...

Designing Scientifically 

By Tony Warner

We've all seen it, and if we're honest, we've probably all done it at some point: cutting and pasting elements from a previous design to easily create a new one....

Installation Profile: Conferencing in Style 

By Daniel Keller

"I'd like to thank the Academy..." Anyone who has ever watched the Oscars has heard this phrase as an indispensable part of every winner's acceptance speech....

Habla Espaol? Parlez Vous Franais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? 

By Jarrod Esposito

Language interpretation is becoming more and more important in the business world. How SI applies to you and your installations....

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