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Atlanta Section of AES Conducts Audio Workshop for High School and College Students 

The Atlanta section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) conducted an audio workshop for high school and college students on Sept. 17, 2005. The program, which was developed in association with students from the newly formed AES Atlanta Student Section, was geared toward individuals interested in pursuing careers in the audio industry. The full-day workshop was held in the facilities of Turner Studios. There were a total of 43 students in attendance representing a variety of schools and organizations including Dekalb School of the Arts, Druid Hills High School, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, Grady High School, Harrison High School, Media Mind Productions, Messenger Media Systems, and the University of South Carolina. ...

Protecting Secure Facilities with Sound Masking 

By Robert Chanaud
Atlas Sound

Most sound-masking systems are used to reduce distractions in open offices or provide confidentiality in closed offices (from a casual listener outside the office). There are many cases where a conversation is so sensitive that it must be protected from a deliberate eavesdropper who may make use of sophisticated listening devices to ensure speech intelligibility...

The Buzz: Install of the month:
Pier T, Long Beach, Calif.

By Trevor Boyer

Audio systems described as “high-end” generally are light years ahead of those that are “good enough.” But what happens when a “high-end” system is required to achieve “good enough” results? At a busy pier in Long Beach, Calif...

The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Fellowship of the Woodlands Church

By Charles Conte

Fellowship of the Woodlands Church in The Woodlands, Texas, is a dynamic, contemporary church that doesn't give an audio engineer a day of rest. Certainly...

Acoustical Measurement and Predictive Modeling  

By Bruce Borgerson

The snowballing advances in computer hardware power and the accelerating rate of software development have altered the landscape of sound system design. New generations of software...

Installation Profile:
Spiritual Growth

By Mel Lambert

The development of most contemporary churches is one of continuing evolution as new facilities are added in response to the needs of parishioners, their families, and the community...

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Houses of Worship — July 7, 2005 

Houses of Worship — June 16, 2005 

Houses of Worship — June 2, 2005 

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