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Acoustics for Media Conferencing 

By Cynthia Wisehart

“‘Videoconferencing’ is a term that always confuses me because there is always audio. Sometimes there is no video. So it should really be ‘media conferencing’ or ‘audio/video conferencing,’” says studio architect and acoustician John Storyk. ...

Optimized On-campus Audio 

To produce more than 1,100 events over the course of a year, Jonathan Sage—who leads the audio and event services area of the Media Technology Services department at Boston College—needs an inventory stocked with professional audio equipment that is easy to move around campus and is extremely versatile. ...

On the Circuit 

By Cynthia Wisehart

As we go to press, two important acquisitions were making the news, and tell a story about how important collaboration and communication technology will be....

Wireless Microphones Under Siege—Again! 

By Mark Brunner

Wireless microphone users and manufacturers now have reason for new concern. ...

Top 3 Wireless Microphone Problems and How to Solve Them 

By Chris Regan, CEO of RF Venue

Wireless microphones are prone to interference, noise, drop-outs, and many more bothersome RF problems. ...

Preserving Acoustics and Design in a Historic Church, Part 2 

With Bennett Liles

When a modern sound system meets a traditional church, some skill is needed to make sure it’s a happy marriage, and Ohio’s Stage Right Productions made it work for St. Augustine’s Church. ...

Beyond Books 

By Tim Kridel

What is a library supposed to be these days? That fundamental question created a host of AV challenges and opportunities at North Carolina State University’s James B. Hunt, Jr. Library....

Taking a Church from a Temporary Setup to a Permanent Install, Part 2 

With Bennett Liles

First Church of the Nazarene in Marion, Ohio set up in a gymnasium for a year while their new sanctuary was being built next door. Now they’re in the new place and using much of the same AV gear....

Modern Government AV, Part 1 

WIth Bennett Liles

An old Wapakoneta, Ohio courthouse with a complete interior renovation called for preserving the character of the building while introducing some very modern sound system technology....

Understanding the FCC’s New Unlicensed Wireless Microphone Registration Process 

Professional Wireless Systems has developed some tips for navigating the FCC's new registration process. ...

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