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AV Revitalization of Texas Music Theater, Part 1

Jun 22, 2011 3:43 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Oh, well that probably helps a lot. Once you've got up to the point of having all the actual performers in there, did you have to make any tweaks or changes anywhere, or did everything sort of work out pretty well, power wise?
Crossed my fingers, everything's worked perfectly…we have had no power issues. I've…we loaded the stage with power. I got 12 -20 amp hot boxes around the stage and I have four 30 amp twist locks around the stage and we have break out cables. We can run power all over that stage and it's all on that isolated ground. [Timestamp: 10:14]

Well if you've got your acoustics and your power, all of the challenges are going to be pretty well down hill after that.
Yeah well it's all happening…Rocky really helped me go through that a lot. We have talked over the power issue and I can't thank Rocky Gianetta enough he really made the place a really top notch. [Timestamp: 10:31]

So what are you doing for the FOH mixing and stage monitoring and all that stuff?
What we use for FOH is we have a Yamaha M7CL version 3 and what we did is we used a Aphex Anaconda Snake for our audio transport and I used the Aphex mic pre's so we don't even use the mic pre's on the Yamaha we use the Aphex because they're really beautiful sounding mic pre's and we have a remote control for the mic pre's at the FOH and we also use the clock and the Anaconda for our clock for both consoles for FOH and monitors and a 3-way fiber optic split. It's a 64-channel bi-directional digital snake but we only use 48 channels on mic pre so we've got 48 MR's and 48 FOH and we have 48 in our recording rig. [Timestamp: 11:21]

What do you do for multi-track recording with all these music acts?
We use ProTools 9 and a Power Mac to capture and we just record right off the mic pre's and we have a post production studio that we just started over here and we have another Mac and ProTools 9 over here and then we have Final Cut Pro…have just a small, small production little studio—post production one. [Timestamp: 11:42]

Have you got Aphex gear in there?
I don't have Aphex gear in the studio—basically what I do is I just take the hard drive and I walk over from the venue with the hard drive and I just plug them in over here and the programs are all up…set up with each other. [Timestamp: 11:55]

Well I guess you've got the routine down pretty well now you've had enough performers in there to of pretty well shaken the place out.
We've really had no problems at all and mic pre's—they all hit year to yang everywhere so it's all even…on the recording rig, both consoles. What you have to do is you have to set the mic pre's—there's only one location to adjust the mic pre's and that's for all of these places. [Timestamp: 12:17]

All right well thanks for being here Gray. On Part 2 we'll get into the speaker system, the Renkus Heinz stuff you've got there, sub woofers and cabling and things.
Boy that's great, the sub woofers will be an interesting conversation on how we place them so we'll talk about that the next time. [Timestamp: 12:32]

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