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Superior Court: Performance-based Infrastructure and Digital AV 

Cynthia Wisehart

Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, Calif., is a pioneering public building and foreshadows how these buildings -- and their AV systems -- may be designed, built, and maintained in the future....

Conference Microphones and Systems, November 2014 

Bennett Liles

Conference systems have to be both complex and foolproof, a very difficult combination to balance even in modern equipment....

Church Concert 

By Joy Zaccaria

After consolidating into a new church, the it was time to upgrade the AV technology to a concert-level experience....

Technotrix and Martin Audio Cover Musical Graduation Ceremonies 

Columbia College Chicago's commencement exercises are characterized by a wide variety of musical styles, ensembles, and performances....

Emerging Technologies: Mobile Device Apps 

By Jessaca Gutierrez

In just a few short years, mobile apps for control, presentation, and monitoring have gone from early adoption stage to wide proliferation throughout the AV industry, and more are coming every day....

Revolabs Announces Enhanced Training Academy Portal and 20 Live Training Events 

The online curriculum complements the company's upcoming training and certification tour....

Salesperson Seeks Enlightenment at InfoComm 

By Jennifer Wisehart

Mapping a path to unified collaboration implementation during InfoComm 2014...

Acoustics for Media Conferencing 

By Cynthia Wisehart

“‘Videoconferencing’ is a term that always confuses me because there is always audio. Sometimes there is no video. So it should really be ‘media conferencing’ or ‘audio/video conferencing,’” says studio architect and acoustician John Storyk. ...

Optimized On-campus Audio 

To produce more than 1,100 events over the course of a year, Jonathan Sage—who leads the audio and event services area of the Media Technology Services department at Boston College—needs an inventory stocked with professional audio equipment that is easy to move around campus and is extremely versatile. ...

On the Circuit 

By Cynthia Wisehart

As we go to press, two important acquisitions were making the news, and tell a story about how important collaboration and communication technology will be....

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